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April 30th Is National Spank Out Day: Does Spanking Even Work?

April 30th is National Spank Out Day. It’s hard to forget about it when the old adage “spare the rod, spoil the child” gets revisited in the news so frequently. It seems that, every week, there is a news story of parents or caregivers being arrested for taking disciplining a child too far. For all the adamant opponents of spanking, there are still just as many supporters of this purportedly mild form of corporal punishment, following the idiom to the letter....more
Well put!!  Violence is NEVER an acceptable form of behavior, nor will it effectively teach what ... more

In Defense of Alicia Silverstone's Feeding Methods

Today's rant is about the video that circulating around about Alicia Silverstone feeding food to her son directly from her mouth. The general consensus out there from the media reports that I've read -- as well as comments from people in my twitter timeline -- is that she's insane and that feeding your child that way is gross. *BIG SIGH* Might I remind people that before blenders and jarred baby food, and most certainly back in the day and back home, mothers for generations upon generations, back to the dawn of man have been feeding their babies with pre-chewed food. ...more
I was at the market yesterday where a mom was yanking her small, pig tailed daughter by the arm, ... more

Please, Don't Touch My Child's Face

We were very lucky to not experience too many people trying to touch Norah when she was a newborn. We got lots of, "Congrats, she's cute" in the store but people politely kept their distance. Suddenly now that she's older that is all different. Now that Norah (who is currently almost 10-months-old) is old enough to sit in the grocery cart she is apparently free game. You'd think that seeing as I have a cart cover to protect her from all of the flesh eating viruses (shopping carts are where those are found right??), people would realize I'm one of THOSE parents....more
When it comes to babies, some strangers feel there are no barriers at all. They get caught up in ... more

Understanding The Troubles With Teenage Boys

Most of us have learned the language of worrying about teenage girls: We talk about self-esteem, body image, mean girls, ambition. We teach them to turn inward for approval and decision-making, rather than relying on peers as pilot lights for their life. We tolerate their vanity, their need always to be in a group of friends, whether in person or online, and their snide, condescending remarks toward us as they begin the long, slow process of separating. Indeed, there is a pretty well-defined and understood arc that a teenage girl goes through. This is not to say it isn't riven with potential pitfalls, but we believe we know the dynamic after twelve years of discovery and research, ever since Mary Pipher wrote her watershed book about the crisis of being 13, Reviving Ophelia. ...more
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Act Like a Man Girlie-Girl!! Now, isn't that sweet. ...more
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My view from INSIDE the White House

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My view from INSIDE the White House

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Letting Kids in on Education Decisions

Have you ever struggled with making a decision on behalf of your child's best interests... only to realize that they should have some input and, in fact, they do have an opinion? Shocking! Idaho Dad at A Family Runs Through It recently had an experience like that with regard to the future of their homeschooling. I love when our kids teach us things in such simple ways. ...more
I love the fact that so many parents in this generation are actually involving their kids in the ... more