Announcing BlogHer PRO, this December 13th in San Francisco

For the last few years, the Professional tracks at BlogHer annual events have been the most highly-attended (followed closely by the Writing track, naturally). After this year's conference, we decided it was time to do a deeper dive and create a focused event for those community members who are making the most of their substantial online influence! The result is BlogHer PRO, open for limited registration today....more
@AleksRuns Hi! Send me an email at with your name and I'll look into applying ... more

Help: I need a ticket for Saturday's Closing Party!

Hi,Does anyone have a ticket for Saturday's Closing Party that they'd like to sell me?  I have tickets to the conference but missed the boat on buying my ticket to the closing party & now it's sold out.  If so, contact me at you so much!Janae 

Pathfinder Day

Does anyone know how the Pathfinder Day works? I only have one path I want to go to, but I'm hesitant to buy a ticket or buy plane tickets including that day until I know for sure I will get to attend the one I want to... It doesn't look like you get to buy a ticket to your particular path and I know they're supposed to be small groups.

Full Conference Pass - What does it include??

I've already purchased my ticket, but does a Full Conference Pass include the Pathfinder and/or Pathfinder events as well?Thanks! :)

Registration Question

Is there a way to edit your BlogHer `12 registration information? I made an error when I registered.

BlogHer '12 Ticket Swap

Do you have a BlogHer '12 ticket that you can't use? Find someone to buy it from you here. Or if you need a ticket, say so - maybe someone can sell you one!Once you have finalized the selling and buying process please have the seller contact us with the buyer's name and email address and we'll help facilitate the registration changes.

BlogHer '12 Roommate(s) Needed

Need a roommate for BlogHer '12? Need two? Post here and get to know your fellow bloggers!

Hotel Fairmount

Is the Hotel offering any type of discount? What other hotels are near by?