30 Years of Marriage, 30 Gifts of Imperfection

I feel like I fell asleep for 30 years and just woke up. How did 30 years go by so quickly? We sat and talked about options for celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I asked him randomly, “Now what?” He looked puzzled at my question. I said it again, “Now what?” It is a simple question, right?...more
LOVE this so much! You expressed this so beautifully. Just celebrated our 35th anniversary and ... more

How to Write an Author Bio

I recently had to write an author bio for a piece I submitted to an online publisher. It was possibly the most difficult piece of writing I have ever written. By nature, I am a huge believer in humility; I am horrified more by the thought that someone might think I'm conceited or overstating my abilities than if they think I'm unqualified or inept. A bio, by nature, is a honking of your own horn. (I know, I tend to mix up my metaphors, but it's my thing.) ...more
Ugh! So hard to write a bio from scratch! After 3 years of freelance writing, I now have a file ... more

Style Past 40: When I Get Old, I Will Wear Zippers

I recently confessed to a friend that I do my hair and makeup and get dressed in something with structure (even if it's a tank top and a fitted skirt) almost every workday before my family gets home from work and school (even if it's five minutes before). I was embarrassed to say I did it -- I was afraid she'd think I was some antifeminist getting all cute for her man before the cocktail hour. It's new for me, though. You know why I do it? Because I'm getting older, and getting older has made me care more about my appearance....more
I am sitting here grinning form ear to ear, loving this post so much! I discovered the ... more

10 Wacky Weight Loss Tips That Work

Recently I was talking to my sister on the phone about my frustration at gaining back all the weight I had lost two years ago. She, who has always been slender and athletic, said to me, “All you have to do is…” and then launched into a lecture about portion sizes, 30 minutes per day of exercise, and “choose this, not that.”  As I listened to her, I grew more and more resentful. I know she was trying to help, but what she doesn’t understand is that often times obese people know just as much about fitness and nutrition as those who don’t struggle with weight issues. ...more
Loved this! So many great and totally do-able ideas! Thanks. Susie more

Down To The Bones: Survival When a Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer

My calendar has become my Bible this past month. In it, written mostly in pencil, are days filled with doctor appointments, meetings with specialists, and surgeries. If they were for me, I would gladly bear it. But they’re not. They’re all for my son. At 22, he'd just graduated from college and, with his hard-earned diploma in hand, was ready to launch his dreams. The dreaded "C" word -- it strikes fear into our hearts, but its clutches are even more icy and cold when they are about your child. ...more
I hate that this is happening for you and yours.  Susie more

Do You Know What?

Driving around running errands is sooooo not the glamorous life. Nor is it at all entertaining. Sometimes a momma has to do what a momma has to do... "Mommy do you know what?" Francine smiles as she asks from the back seat of the car "No I don't know what!" I tease, "I have never met him. What does he look like? Is he tall?" "MOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!" she sighs sooooo not into it. (Sometimes my humor is lost on my little ones. Sigh.) ...more
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My aversion to pets

Someone asked me the other day why I don't have any pets. Will I let Aubrey have one when she gets older?  I hesitated.  I got the "what?  you don't love animals?" look.  But then I told them my story.  It's one of life lessons I will never forget. ...more
Ha! I love the name you came up with!  I don't blame you for not getting anymore guinea ... more

Mom Torture: Surviving the Dark Spots of Mothering

Mom torture n. 1 emotional pain experienced by a woman when her child is in distress 2 a strategy used to weaken a mother's resolve in regard to her own beliefs and practices 3 a primary cause of sleepless nights See also tough love....more
The helplessness is the WORST! You watch and listen, console, encourage, but oh man is it hard ... more

Being Afraid: We Are More Than Our Fears

I have been living with a lot of fear lately. I know I gave a whole talk on self-doubt and how to move through it so you can be greater than you know, but I'm still a huge fraidy cat, because so much of life looms so large. Some of it looms large and ugly, but even the parts that loom large and glorious are scary. I know I'm not the only one who feels this....more
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How Facebook Changed My Attention Span... What Did You Say?

Because these are the ways in which I am now sharing my life -- in these punchlines, these sound bytes -- I find myself narrating to myself the Facebook post that will most wittily describe my actions AS I’M DOING the action. So not only has Facebook become the thing that I feel compelled to check every hour or so throughout the day, even as my children demonstrate that they need my immediate attention, even as I excuse those needs by explaining to them and to myself that I have needs too, not only has Facebook drawn me into its folds like street drugs draw junkies, it has also changed the way in which I actually experience my life. ...more
Been having the same thoughts and questions. I have always been a reader, but I am shocking ... more