5 Life Lessons For My Biracial Daughters

Being a mother is the biggest blessing and responsibility I have received in my life. It is nothing like the baby alive doll that I coveted as a child. It is so much better ... after the first month. When I was younger, it never occurred to me how the ethnicity of the person you fall in love with will dictate how society views your children. I never had to focus on "color," so when I started dating my now husband -- a white man -- I learned that society is not as " green" as I thought. ...more
I really appreciate this post, Courtney! I'm the mom of biracial kids as well, and these are ... more

When Your Baby Has a Birth Defect - Advice for New Parents

I received a phone call from someone the other day. It seems as if my expertise is needed once again. Her son and his wife just found out that their baby will be born with a cleft lip, and she wondered if Hubby and I could give them advice. Of course I agreed. We can tell them about which surgeons are more competent than others and what to expect from surgeries and time frames and whatnot. After I hung up the phone, I couldn't stop thinking about this young couple, though - how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and how they are handling this news. ...more
I read this post a couple of weeks ago and think it was great - wonderful advice! But I DO take ... more

Announcing: Birds of a Feather Lunch on Friday at BlogHer '13

BlogHer is just over a week away (GULP) and we know that your excitement is about as strong as your nerves right now. Meeting your online friends and collegaues IRL is both amazing and terrifying, and we'd like to help you get get by with a little help from your friends....more
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I Will Not be the Mother of a Mean Girl

Her plate sits before her and she worries over her dinner roll, tiny pieces dropping onto the table top. My own dinner has gone tasteless and I'm begging her to be honest because the words Liam drops among us can't possibly be true. These guilt crumbs gathering up and her picking picking picking but never speaking speaking speaking. I'm fighting for clarity over the situation because I am not the mother of a bully... could I be so naive?...more
So beautifully written. I love how you handled it with your daughter. Yes, as others suggested ... more

BlogHer '13 Twitter and Blog ROLL CALL!

So you're going to BlogHer '13? Awesome! Get to know your fellow conference goers by jumping on the thread below and sharing your Twitter handle and/or blog URL. You can follow others, tweet your conference plans, and get to know your fellow attendees before arriving in Chicago. Mingle away!

Steubenville Rape Trial: Defense Argues Barely Conscious Victim Gave Consent

I’m going to start this post with a trigger warning for rape, misogyny, and reprehensible behavior. If you feel like you can stomach what I’m going to say then read on. If not I completely understand. ...more
I was listening to some coverage on the news this afternoon and when I heard the defense ... more

When Public Breastfeeding Goes Too Far

I can assure you that my nursing adventures never, EVER garnered accusations of "sexualizing breastfeeding!" My bra size went from a 34B to a 38L. When the boob buffet closed, I was at a loss. Truth be told, I still miss it. When I see a nursing mother, I don't think "look at that smokin' hot breast" or "how dare she show her ladies in public!?!?" I sadly think, "I will never breastfeed a baby again." Maybe I have breastfeeding PTSD?...more
Love it!!! I will tuck this advice away for next year's BlogHer. So glad you shared your story! ... more

Being the White Mother of Bi-Racial Children

Being an inter-cultural, bi-racial or multi-anything parent is kind of like standing on platform 9 3/4.Everyone else is going by, jumping on trains, engrossed in their coherent lives, shielded by their own communities, realities and conflicts. People who don't live on the border don't know it's there....more
Kate, you do such a wonderful job describing what this experience can be like! I am in the same ... more