Prom Commandments: How Prom Season Goes with Girls

As the mom of a teenage daughter, I occasionally feel like I am parenting on a separate planet from my friends who have teenage sons. At Lisa's houses, sports are in full swing, and the mountains of standardized tests and specter of finals loom ahead. At my house, we have all of that plus what can only be referred to as high season for the high school prom....more
I would take out the reason for being reapectful. Chances are it won't be there last dance...and ...more

Mommy Bloggers Would Have Made Me a Better Mother

“Is that normal?” was the first, second and probably third question I asked my pediatrician every time I walked into his office. Normal. Young moms are looking for normal but, in truth, we don’t know what it looks like. Enter the internet and Mommy bloggers. My kids were born in the 1990s and my access to online information was limited in their early years. Had I been able to consult this tribe of supporters, I would have learned that “normal” looks like a lot of different things and that my kids were fine. ...more
I so agree with you. I was overseas when I had my child, and I was utterly lonely and clueless. ...more

How to Relaunch Your Career Successfully

You used to be so confident, successful in your career, juggling life responsibilities and bringing home a paycheck.  But then came a career break, an extended period of time where for family or other reasons you left the full time workforce. Now there is a gap in your resume and a sense of professional unease has crept into that opening.   ...more
These issues impact women/mothers, and families. They are the driving force behind my recently ...more

Surviving High School, It Begins in Sixth Grade

 Lisa writes: Ahhhh…the beauty, the certainty of 20/20 hindsight.  As my youngest nears the end of high school, I have reflected upon what qualities allow kids to perform at their best and enjoy their four years to the fullest. What were the most important things I could have done for my kids, starting in perhaps sixth grade, that would have impacted their chance of surviving high school and beyond?  Not surprisingly, they were not the things uppermost on my mind as my kids turned 12. If I had it to do again…...more

How Katie Couric Inspired Me to Try Spinning at BlogHer '12

Mary Dell writes: In the realm of athletics I am a dud, both coordination and motivation-challenged. When I attended BlogHer '12 this summer and heard Katie Couric describe herself as “lazy” (regarding exercise) yet willing to ride a stationary bike in a spinning class, I began to wonder if this might be a good workout for me since I’m a little lazy, too....more
@BlogHer @katiecouric Seeing Katie was one of the coolest parts of my first BlogHer. She is such ...more

Nothing to Fear

@BlogHerMoms Thanks so much for passing this along, truly appreciate .more

Have You Talked with Your Kids About Cheating Yet? You Should!

I start every September giving one son the you-must-do-your-best talk. But I can say with some certainty that I never kicked off a school year with a conversation about academic dishonesty. And in the wake of cheating scandals this year at Harvard University, Stuyvesant High School, and a Long Island SAT testing center, I am pretty sure I missed an important opportunity here. Did I fail to discuss cheating because I didn’t think it was a problem at their school or was it because I didn’t think it would be a problem for my child? Truth: it just never came up....more
I can definitely relate to this! I came from a very academically competitive family, complete ...more

I Love Hate Blogging

We were blogging virgins. Neither of us had any idea what a blog was and had never read one, let alone written one. But as we have dipped our toes into this corner of the social network and are now up to our knees, I have realized a few things:I love:Thinking about parenting issues with the clarity that writing imposes.Meeting people all over the world. I guess I could have done this with an airplane, but my computer, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our blog are so much easier....more

Empty Nest's Silver Lining

I have been preparing for the empty nest for two decades. I hated it when my boys went off to nursery school. I was not one of those mothers who thought sleep away summer camp was a great idea. So when two of my three children went off to college in quick succession, I feared that this might not go very well. For me....more