Blogger Compensation: How Much Is That Sponsored Post Worth?

Many things have changed in the social media landscape since July 2005. But a constant, at least in my little corner, is that social media offers consumers an opportunity to have a voice about the products and services they buy. ...more
Susan,  thank you for laying this out and thank you, even more, for sharing the proprietary ... more

A Tribute to Marcella Hazan, Who Taught Me, My Kids, and So Many to Make Pasta

I first "met" Marcella Hazan the way so many people did--through the pages of her opus, The Essential of Classic Italian Cooking. I was around 11 or 12, but already neck-deep into my affair with cookbooks and cooking, and I could not wait to make homemade pasta.  And again, like so many people, it was Marcella who taught me how through the pages of her book.  I followed the directions to the letter, the many, many pages of explicit directions, taking you though the detailed steps of making pasta.  ...more
A lovely tribute, Katie. more

Why Are You Sorry that I Have Three Boys?

As I walked into the bathroom of one of my boys’ favorite restaurants with Baby B tucked away in his baby sling, I received a quick glance and then heard, “Where did you get your sling? I love it!” We proceeded to talk and I, in conversation, mentioned Baby B’s two older brothers. She looked at me and gasped, “You have 3 boys… I’m so sorry!” ...more
I too have three boys, and have listened to this for 20 years.  I just smile, knowing just how ... more

The Teen Years: Parenting in the Digital Age

I've said it before, and I will say it again.   I am SO glad there was no such thing as Facebook or all the other various social media sites when I was growing up. Teenagehood is HARD, but I can't even imagine what it's like growing up with the constant push to over share.  Not to mention the cell phones to snap a picture and document whatever shenanigans are being performed right then. ...more
Wrote about parenting and punishing in the Digital Age here on BlogHer. Sending our kids to the ... more

What Do You Plan To Do On The Day After Thanksgiving?

It's a pretty safe bet that you'll be spending some time having a nice meal with friends and/or family on Thanksgiving.  Unless you're one of the super sale fanatics planning to take advantage of early bird sales on Thanksgiving night this year.  What we'd like to know in this week's poll is what do you plan to do the day after Thanksgiving?...more
Working out - I have to redeem myself after what I know will be a day of glorious gluttony! more

Teaching My Teen to Drive Is Driving Me Crazy

I have quite a few years before the Teaching a Child to Drive Phase, but reading this recent post at Grown and Flown brought back vivid memories of learning to drive with my parents. One in particular makes me laugh and cringe and nearly pee my pants -- and remains the reason why I still can't drive a stick shift. I see that Mack truck barreling down at my dad's stalled out pick up truck even now! Have you taught a child to drive yet? What's your experience been like? ...more
@alienbody Good luck with your son and his driving! Eventually, we get used to them having the ... more

Do You Let The Dog Sleep With You?

We have a puppy and we like her. She's cute. But we do not want her to sleep with us. We don't even want her to consider jumping on the bed, but she does. And that's the problem. How the heck can we get her to STOP DOING THAT? (Particularly when it seems like most of the internet thinks it's cute and that dogs belong on beds! I'm sure she's reading all of the comments on the photos I've posted and they are just encouraging her to try and try again. Gah.)...more
Just for the record, I love....adore my dogs (2 chocolate labs) but I do not want to sleep with ... more

BlogHer '13 Twitter and Blog ROLL CALL!

So you're going to BlogHer '13? Awesome! Get to know your fellow conference goers by jumping on the thread below and sharing your Twitter handle and/or blog URL. You can follow others, tweet your conference plans, and get to know your fellow attendees before arriving in Chicago. Mingle away!

Are High Schools Sending Parents a Double Message?

When I attended the middle school back-to-school night last week, I felt like there was something bothering me, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Was it the 95 degree heat? Was it the 47,000 papers I was supposed to take with me now that our school is paper-free? Was it the mwa-mwah-mw-mwa-mwa-mwahhh quality of the PA system? No. It was none of those things. But on the drive home, I figured it out. It was the double message that we parents are subjected to when it comes to parental involvement in our children's education....more
Think it is up to us parents to teach the kids the big life lessons at home and for the kids ... more

How Katie Couric Inspired Me to Try Spinning at BlogHer '12

Mary Dell writes: In the realm of athletics I am a dud, both coordination and motivation-challenged. When I attended BlogHer '12 this summer and heard Katie Couric describe herself as “lazy” (regarding exercise) yet willing to ride a stationary bike in a spinning class, I began to wonder if this might be a good workout for me since I’m a little lazy, too....more
 @slappyintheface sweatpants, junkfood and tv - favorite comfort behavior for me, too.  this is ... more