Linda Meric

Linda Meric is the National Executive Director of 9to5.  In 1973, a group... read more

Linda Meric


Linda Meric is the National Executive Director of 9to5.  In 1973, a group of female office workers in Boston, fed up with being powerless and undervalued in the workplace, mobilized to change the way they were treated and paid. The group organized around their grievances; terms that didn’t yet exist– sexual harassment, pay equity and family leave. Forty years later, 9to5 has emerged as one of the largest, most respected national membership organizations of working women in the U.S.  Click here  for more information about 9to5.


Linda helped found 9to5 Colorado in 1996 and served as the chapter’s Director until the Fall of 2004 when she became 9to5’s National Executive Director. Under Linda’s leadership, 9to5 has won important victories in the arenas of work-family, anti-discrimination, wages, good jobs, welfare, unemployment and child care.


Linda is based in 9to5’s Denver office and continues to work with the 9to5 Colorado chapter on local organizing, policy and leadership development work. She was the chief public spokesperson for the successful 2006 ballot initiative to raise Colorado’s minimum wage and was a co-chair and chief spokesperson for Colorado’s successful effort to turn back a 2008 anti-affirmative action ballot measure.


Before coming to 9to5, Linda spent 20 years as a labor and community organizer in Colorado. She served on the International Steering Committee of Teamsters for a Democratic Union and, in 1984, was the first woman elected as the Principle Executive Officer of a Teamsters local union in the Rocky Mountain region. Linda also spent 7 ½ years as an organizer and representative for the Service Employees International Union, working primarily with women janitorial workers in downtown Denver, the Denver Tech Center and the Denver airports.


In addition to her labor union organizing, Linda has a long history of community organizing experience in Colorado. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Political Science from Duke University, and is fluent in English and Spanish.


Linda has received several awards for her work with, and on behalf of, low-income women. In 2006, Linda was awarded the Denver Women’s Commission first annual Community Service Award, the Colorado Women’s Agenda Foremother Award, and the Community Resource Center Legend Award (Social Justice category). In 2007, she received the Women’s Foundation of Colorado Be Bold Award. In 2009, she received the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado’s Advancing Equality award.