DIY Dry Erase Calendar

    My husband has the worst memory of anyone I know....more
thank you! This is probably my favorite (and cheapest) household project to date! Everyone who ... more

Iced Butter Cookie Tutorial

My Auntie Jeannie is amazing.  Growing up, my siblings and I would get excited to go to holiday dinners because we knew that Auntie Jeannie's cookies would be there....more
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Dinosaur/Mohawk Hoodie

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PJ & Pankcakes First Birthday Party

  Happy first birthday to my baby, Evelyn!   For Evie's first birthday, we chose a PJ theme....more
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Elmo & Cookie Monster Tutu Tutorial

For Elsie's second birthday, I made tutu dresses for both Elsie and Evelyn. I got the brilliant idea of using a crocheted headband as the waistband from a friend of mine and it worked beautifully. By using this, making a two layer tutu was a breeze. ...more
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The Business of Creative Blogging

From time to time I teach a Crafty Business Seminar.  One of the topics that I always cover is blogging. Not blogging about your pet cat or what you watched on TV last week, blogging for your business. When you run an online craft business having a blog to help augment your brand can be not only helpful it can also be tons of fun....more
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So excited to start using BlogHer!

So excited to start using BlogHer! ...more
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A Happy Birthday Wreath

Here is my new tradition.  I am going to paint a letter for each of my family members and at the start of the month of their birthday, the wreath will go up with the first letter of their name. ...more
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