Should I Fight with My 3-Year-Old to Teach Her to Read?

My oldest is 5 and I taught her how to read using How to Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It did not take 100 lessons, it took maybe 72. However, those 72 lessons spread out over the course of about 4 months were the most painful moments for me as a parent. ...more
As a mother of a 5 yo Spirited Child who is incredibly bright and wants to do everything in her ... more

Summer Bucket List - 2012

Here it is! Our Summer Bucket List! ...more
I like your list. I'm going to do the new-food-a-week one too. I've been trying to branch out of ... more

A Letter to My Daughter's First Mom: I'm Angry with You

Dear A, You don’t know me, but we share something huge -- a child. I am L’s mother. I think of myself as her Last Mom because she had many before me, starting with you. You were her First Mom and I love and am grateful to you for bringing her into the world. I am also frequently filled with anger at you....more
Wow, that is so beautiful!  I'm so happy for your daughter that she found such a loving, ... more

A Stranger Picked Up My Child and Walked Away

And then it happened. A total stranger picked up my child. She didn't ask. In fact, she TOOK him from me. I'm standing there holding Asher's hand as he danced next to me, while with my other hand I was recording Angela and Axel dancing. I was HOLDING his hand. I thought Dean had picked him up, only turned to find a total stranger had not only picked up my child, but was walking away with him....more
I actually have picked up another child before similar to a previous poster. The mom of a ... more

Please, Don't Touch My Child's Face

We were very lucky to not experience too many people trying to touch Norah when she was a newborn. We got lots of, "Congrats, she's cute" in the store but people politely kept their distance. Suddenly now that she's older that is all different. Now that Norah (who is currently almost 10-months-old) is old enough to sit in the grocery cart she is apparently free game. You'd think that seeing as I have a cart cover to protect her from all of the flesh eating viruses (shopping carts are where those are found right??), people would realize I'm one of THOSE parents....more
I think the ladies who are saying, "what's the big deal?, get over it!, etc." need to re-read ... more

Announcing the Winner of our Journey to Motherhood Contest with Ricki Lake

I am thrilled to congratulate the winning post of Blogher’s Journey to Motherhood with Ricki Lake contest: Today I Am a Mother. This beautifully written and brave entry by nikkilmiller (EndearingChaos) moved me to tears, as did many of the entries....more
Congratulations to Nikki!  I cried when I read it the first time too. It was so real and her ... more

Today I Am a Mother

Today is my birthday. This morning my 2 ½ year-old son, Henry, handed a bouquet of flowers to me and said, “Happy Birthday Mama!” He proceeded to perform his trademark jig while singing a toddlerized version of “Happy Birthday.” This was topped only by the enormous hug he gave me afterwards. Today, I am definitely a Mother. And a happy one, at that. But for the first half of his life, I wasn’t really his mother. ...more
How wonderful that you won!  Congrats Nikki! I was very moved by your post. Thank you for ... more

Birth, Death: Same, Same

The phone rang in my hotel room in Naples, FL at 5:30am on a Friday morning. It was my Aunt Barb."Honey, your mom died."...more
Wonderful story! Very moving. I'm so sorry for your loss. more

(CONTEST) Journey to Motherhood with Ricki Lake

Making my new documentary film series More Business of Being Born, I had the privilege of interviewing some incredible women (Christy Turlington Burns, Alanis Morissette, Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bundchen to name a few) to capture all the intimate details about their children’s births. Admittedly, I am a bit of a birth junkie but really I think that the underlying thrill of birth stories is hearing a woman talk about that indescribable moment when she becomes a mother. ...more
This has been such a wonderful Journey to reflect back on my two births as well as dealing with ... more

My Journey To Motherhood: The Night It Hit Me - I'm A Mom

There are many lasting memories from the birth of our daughter. Memories that at almost four years later are so vivid I can still recall how her skin felt like suede, her cheeks like powder. The words of encouragement erupting into loud cheers from my birth team still echo in my mind as she finally came out on that last push. But there's one moment that really stands out as my, “I'm a mom” moment. ...more
@Grammyof3 Thank you for such a beautifully thoughtful comment! I appreciate that very much! ... more