Primarily, I am a mother, wife, educator (university professor), and classical... read more



Primarily, I am a mother, wife, educator (university professor), and classical singer. I began blogging in July 2007 while trying to conceive my second child. Unfortunately I have suffered three consecutive losses, so necessarily the scope of the blog shifted to include my experiences with recurrent pregnancy loss. However, the primary focus of The Trial of Labor Blog is natural childbirth, evidence-based medical interventions, cesarean support, and VBAC advocacy.

I have always been a believer in natural (non-interventive) childbirth, and my knowledge and beliefs change as I become more aware and educated with regard to American childbirth practices, the safety and sanctity of homebirth, declining maternal-infant outcomes in traditional hospital settings, and the players involved in shaping chilbirth practices in America. I began participating in the ICAN yahoo group in July 2007, became a subscriber of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) in early September 2007, started a local chapter in October 2007, and most recently was appointed by the ICAN Board to editor-in-chief of the Clarion.

May we all learn to trust the miracle of the human body!