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* Updated! With more words! *

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I'm a 40 something newish blogger :) *(still 40 something, hurumph)  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (rain, rain, rain) with my life partner of almost 11 years who I call The Big C on my blog.  He likes that of course.  We have 4 kids combined and 4 grandkids going on 5 any minute now. 5 grandkids!  We love them all, mostly...

I worked in the healthcare field for a very short time after going back to school and getting my degree, after all these years.  I became sick after what I now believe was a round of Hep B vaccinations that triggered my autoimmune disease.  There's many different schools of thought on that subject.  My life is changed forever.  We never think that one day we will be sick 'for the rest of our lives'.  It's just not something that you think about as you're going through your day to day existence.  There's an old expression about having your health, at least you have your health or something like that, boy I would love to turn the clock back and have everything magically go back to normal, but that's just not reality.  For now, I work it day by day, and that's about all I can do.

My blog is about my life living with autoimmune diseases.  I post about what's going on with me, and also awareness issues and advocacy.  That's about it for now.  I'm sure I'll come back and change this bio, lol.

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**** OK, none of y'all have stopped by to say hi...toe tap toe tap

I figured I'd update, since BlogHer did and all.  I don't wanna be left back in yesteryear with 80's hair and '09 about me section.  Not much I can do about the 80's hair since no matter what I do to it, it inevitably grows out into the cut and style I had in 8th grade.  Ask my mother.  She'd be the FIRST one to point that out....  

I am a momagain.  It's all one word, because if I say it slower I freak out.  Kidding, hahaha ah haaaaaahh. sniff!  Naw, we are raising our 4 year old special-needs granddaughter, known on the blog as The Bean.  She is the reason for everything.  Chuck and I marvel at how blessed we are to get to be around to participate in her life.  She is my angel, my little buddy, my pain pill, and my reason to keep on fighting this life sucking disease process.  Can you tell I love her???

I'm getting tired of writing about Life with Autoimmunity, but i won't give up the blog.  I just want to make sure that it's not defining me.  I know there's more to me that illness, and that's where I'm at now.  Finding those things again.

Stop by and say hey if you feel like it.  I won't update this 3 years from now and point out that you didn't yet once, again..