Gluten Free Ginger


I am an expert procrastinator/blogger just (finally) getting started in the blogging world. The thing that holds me back the most is figuring out what to blog about and why anyone would want to read it.  The thing that encourages me is seeing so many amazing and talented people who have felt the same and went for it anyway.

My passions range from food to music, wine to health and wellness, nature to human studies so I've been teaching myself Wordpress and creating a couple blogs to unleash my inner wordsmith.

I once won a writing contest for Valentines Day, by writing a love poem from Homer to Marge Simpson on a napkin after seeing the contest advertised in a local magazine.  I didn't submit the napkin, that would have been ballsy, but I did face my fears and sent in the poem, subsequently winning the comedy category and being treated to some delicious chocolates, a ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet and several relationship/love advice books as my prize.  I had never even entertained the idea of being a writer before that, and didn't continue with any interest in writing for years after.  Now, I'm interested so I hope you enjoy my submissions.  Once I get to them, that is.