Keep Your Cool with Iced Tea and Coffee

Iced tea and iced coffee are popular options when the weather turns sultry. But there are so many variations on this refreshing theme! Join me for a look at the best way to make iced tea and coffee, and ways to vary them so you're never bored with your caffeinated options. ...more
Thanks for including me, Genie! :)  more

Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

I'm excited to finally get this post written! I frequently get emails asking for advice on starting a blog, and I always wish I had the time to respond with a really helpful answer, more than just a paragraph. Now I can direct readers to this post. There's obviously a lot more I can learn about blogging, but I definitely have a few thoughts I can share. One of these days I'll do a post about blogging beyond the basics. Until then... ...more
If you're interested in food photography tips, I just did this guest post on the topic this ... more

Alaska from Scratch

Food from the Last Frontier...more
Making a warm toasty pot of Lentil Soup... winter storm warning tonight... lots of snow ... more

Nie Asks: What Do Your Kids Do With Your Camera?

Do your children take your camera and do this? What do your kids like to take pictures of? Let me know in the comments and link to your favorite kid photography -- I want to see it! ...more
My 7 year-old (then 6) took the black&white photo I use on my About page on my blog. I ... more

Alaska from Scratch

Food from the Last Frontier...more
Gorgeous day to be in the kitchen in Alaska! more