Spring Love is in the Air

I love Spring.  I lov ...more

AWWW! that is so sweet of your husband. more

Is That Bad?

A friend and I stopped by Chic Fil A the other day. I needed a sweet tea. “Uh, yes, I need a large sweet tea,” I said to the drive-thru speaker. “Want anything?” I whispered to my friend. She shook her head no. “Okay, Kristen. That’s $1.37,” the speaker answered. As I pulled around, I could feel my friend staring at me. “What?” I asked. “That lady, in the speaker, she KNEW YOUR NAME!” she said in disbelief. “Oh, that. Yeah, I come here. A lot. It’s funny, she recognizes my voice now and ” my words trailed off. ...more

Funny post and OMG there is nothing wrong with any of those things IMO (except the 8yr watching ...more

We are THAT family . . . you know the ones!

Through the years, I’ve been in different conversations and either said or someone said to me, “You know THAT family?” They don’t even have to say a name usually. My mind automatically pulls up THAT family. You know the ones. The family that always has troubles. Something is always happening and they are usually followed by disaster. As I sat in the Emergency Room last night with my little boy, it dawned on me: Oh my word, WE are THAT family. I don’t know how it happened or when, but we became THOSE people that trouble follows. ...more