Letting My Son Buy -- and Wear -- a Skirt

He saw it immediately, didn't want to look at or consider any other options. I could tell from the grin on his face that this was The Skirt. We swiftly made the purchase and were almost to the car before he started clamoring, "Come on! Let's get it on! I want my skirt!" So in the parking lot of Target, I taught him that putting on a skirt is exactly like putting on shorts: one leg, then the other leg, and up. He patted the purple layers with affection and told me, "I have a skirt."...more
Beautiful. To see your child so happy is the only reason that matters :-) Bravo! more

Why "While Men Watch" Isn't Helping Women

It's no secret that I'm a huge hockey fan. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen my expletive laden tweets during the hockey season. I take no prisoners. I speak my mind about the game, the officiating, and players that I don't care for personally. I actually understand the game of hockey, and I didn't need a man to "help" me.  That's why the "While The Men Watch" blog and now Hockey Night In Canada commentators is so very wrong....more
 @@jschonb exactly! The myth that women are giggling idiots does not need further personification! more