Why Public Changing Tables Are the Bane of Moms' Existence

You pull it down and struggle to find the changing pad from your diaper bag so that your dear sweet baby won’t have to rest her brow on the hard filthy surface of the table. Apparently the child who preceded yours took a crap directly on the table and his mom felt no need to even spit clean it. On many changing tables, you will find a little slot that is supposed to contain paper liners for you to put down, but you won’t see any in there because only Starbucks made of gold on the moon provide them. More facts....more
I just want to be that annoying voice and weigh in her and say how much I LERVE changing tables ... more

The Hidden Costs of Private Preschools

I am familiar with meltdowns in Target. I have two small children, after all, so I expect to leave Target in a blur of tears, whining, crying, and threats to never, ever return. When I got an unexpected opportunity to go to Target by myself, however, I wasn’t prepared for the meltdown that ensued....more
This is really stressful, I know!!  I'm not sure how this relates or not.  I just had my son's 4 ... more

Am I the Only Mom Who Wishes for a Best Friend?

My negative thoughts as a result were things like, "I have no friends," and "No one cares about my life," and "I wish my sister lived closer because she is the only one that gets me." But, I find myself feeling lonely. And sad. Moms need friends too, right? Or am I the only one? I have always been a people person. I have always had "an easy time making friends" as my Mom would say to me all the time growing up. But, here I am. 35-years-old. 3 kids. A good husband. A stable life. And, all I want is a close friend. ...more
This is EXACTLY what is missing from modern motherhood!  We are not meant to do it alone and I"m ... more

When a Chance Encounter Restores Your Faith in Humanity

That damn teddy bear nearly ruined my morning. Sitting front and center inside the doors of Old Navy, it proudly flaunted its blue scarf and beckoned to be cuddled. It was at least as big as my two-year-old son so, naturally, he just had to have it. “Honey, we aren’t getting a teddy bear today,” I feebly replied to his pleas. “We are just here to get you new mittens.”...more
Wow. That story has me all choked up.  I wanted to reach through time and my screen and give you ... more

Celebrating Islamic New Year with Mocktails

The other night, schedules finally meshed, and a friend and I arranged to meet for a drink at a hotel near the soccer field where our kids were having practice together. It's been one of those ridiculous logistics things - the night that I could have a drink, she's busy, and vice versa....more
Oh, that is hilarious!!  Social policy gone ... awierd.  Free wine when you hit your legal ... more

5 Cheap New Year's Eve Activities with Kids

Ah, the New Year's Eves of yore, back before ... children. I remember the nights of bar-hopping and champagne parties that last until dawn. For the last almost nine years ... not so much. Now with a kid and a dearth of babysitters who want to stay in on New Year's Eve, the party-hearty holiday has changed quite a bit. Still, we've managed to have fun either as a family or along with other friends with kids stuck in the same situation. Here are some ideas for New Year's Eve fun with kids. ...more
It's New Years Eve Eve, and we have nothing planned.  At all.  I suppose we'll feed the kids, ... more

Survival Mode vs Intentional Parenting

I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that parenting is a really tough job. It's a rewarding job, but far tougher than anyone realizes. There are so many decisions, conscious and unconscious, that parents must make on an almost minute-to-minute basis. I'm afraid that most of my parenting decisions lately have been of the unconscious variety, and that's not because life has been easy-breezy. I guess there are golden periods when the unconscious decision-making works....more
"busy is the enemy of intentional parenting"  So true!!! I so often thing that if i could only ... more

How Staying at Home Saved My Marriage

I'm going to go ahead and say something heretical. Something very antiquated and anti-feminist. Something that might make Betty Friedan turn angrily in her grave. You ready? Here I go: Staying at home with my kids has been good for my marriage....more
For some reason, I can't reply directly to people's comments.  But to Alienbody and Waupaca: I ... more

French Parents Are Superior -- Just Like All Other Parents

Other parents are better. They are better than you in all ways. They are better at disciplining their kids, motivating their kids, and keeping their kids out of harm's way. Their children will have more friends in school, lead more fulfilling lives, and never need therapy. Their kids will rule. And it will all be because other parents were much better parents than you can ever hope to be. Sorry. It's a truth I learned too late to save my own kids....more
Love love love this post!! I kind of glossed over the list because I got your point, but then I ... more