Woven Felt Baskets Tutorial

My sewing studio remains unfinished (until Tuesday that is) so I’ve been continuing my ventures into the world of woven baskets… and I’m getting hooked, my friends. These are so gratifying to create, both aesthetically pleasing and practical!And I’ve moved them up in scale to ‘floor baskets.’ Naturally, I imagine using these to house knitting necessities, but they also work well for toys (canine, baby, or otherwise), socks, electronics…...more
Great idea! LOVE felt with all of its vivid colors. Thanks so much for sharing, Much Love, ...more

A Statement Patchwork Clutch

I wrote in my last post that I was in need of a little non-deadline sewing, a project just for fun. Shortly after I wrote that, I spent a couple hours feeding my Pinterest addiction and came across this fabulous tutorial from Say Yes to Hoboken for a simple fold over clutch– just what I’d had in mind. The next afternoon, I stitched up my own version in just a couple quick hours....more

Blue and Yellow

Finally– after days spent typing rather than sewing, and a weekend spent tax-free shopping for the new condo– I finished up a commission that’s long been in the works.I’ve been making quite a few custom baby quilts these days and I have to say, people are getting wonderfully creative with nursery color schemes. The days of all-pink and all-blue seem to be behind us....more
I LIKE your quilts, they are strikingly bold and beautiful. Could you please enlightening me? I ...more

Scrapping By

Moving (or, as the case may be, living in a temporary home) is sort of like being on vacation– every purchase you make is something you will eventually have to transport somewhere else. And with my legs still recovering from a day of hauling heavy boxes up and down five flights of stairs, I’m in no rush to acquire any new goods over the next few days....more

Floating Patchwork

 I’ve been adjusting nicely to my temporary August living space– but only now do I feel like I’ve truly christened it with the creation of my first quilt.I always come back to simplicity every now and then– and I’m always pleased with the result. The combination of measurement and slight improvisational results in a pattern balancing wonkiness and structure that’s just my style....more
I love the colors! It feels very modern! Do you sell your quilts on Etsy?more

I Am Not a Machine

I’m very big on To Do lists. And whenever I feel overwhelmed, I plan my schedule pretty thoroughly– during my morning runs and yoga classes, my mind is often busy plotting out the day. Between commissioned pieces, packing and moving, various errands, projects, and the general need to keep up my Etsy stock, I’ve been relying more than usual on this super structured mentality....more

Sneaking Stripes Into Modern Quilts

A couple of years ago or so, I realized that I loved to work with solids, that they emphasized the simple geometry of a quilt top in a way that really suited my aesthetic. But apparently somewhere along the line, this preference became a rule– something I realized as I continued to dive into my shot cotton fabric stash, avoiding all those beautiful striped patterns that I once coveted....more
I love this! It looks so warm and cozy! I just want to curl up in it and read a good book :)more

My Second Stash - Shot Cottons Revisited

Just when I thought I’d spend the rest of my quilting days creating Kona cotton mini quilts and table runners…....more

Table Decor - Oh the Possibilities

 Spring fever can make it difficult to really buckle down for hours on end in the sewing room. So I'm taking great pleasure in quick, cheery quilting projects that fit my restless warm weather mood-- and my fondness for table decor.I resurected an old favorite-- diagonal intersecting stripes-- and whipped it up into this little guy....more
Those are all super cute! LOVE all that color!more

Spliced and Stitched-- Another Little Wall Quilt

My latest mini quilt was such a pleasure to create. If you look closely, you can see that it's composed of 16 squares. Basically, I sliced up solid gray squares at random, re-stitched them with colorful bands between, and trimmed them to the 5 1/2".Easy! And the result is a whimsical, random design. Finished off with some curly cue quilting....more