DIY Penny and Epoxy Kitchen Countertop

Last September, we finished our butcher block countertops, but we didn't do our bar area. I mentioned in that post that I was open to suggestions and got the great idea to cover it in pennies and epoxy. Well, EIGHT months later, it is finally finished!...more
This is SO cool!! Congrats on finishing it ;) more

Fast, Fun and Cute Baby Quilt

[Editor's Note: I know very little about quilting but this scrappy little rainbowrific number from Cluck Cluck Sew makes me wish I knew more. I love the look of patchwork quilts with oodles of different perky colors and patterns. What a great way to use all your fabric scraps. - Jen]...more
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Photo Composition: Basic Principles

[Natalie Wright at Technology for Moms has been writing some great posts with photography tips. This one is all about composition and the rule of thirds. Natalie writes,] ...more
This is really helpful-- thank you! ALways working on taking better pics for my Etsy store.  more

Make Coffee Creamer At Home

[Editor's Note: Are you someone who likes creamer in your coffee? Well, if you like the processed and bottled kind at the store, this is a great option to still get the flavor and creaminess you love without all the chemicals and preservatives. Give this technique a try! --Genie] ...more
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Tutorial Tuesday: Chalkboard Wall Hooks

I now have no excuses for forgetting! I am constantly dashing out the door and forgetting something behind so I wanted to make a little chalkboard / key hook that I could hang in my office.I have been obsessed with chalkboard paint since it became readily available. Chalkboard paint turns almost any surface into a chalkboard. It is very easy to use and is available in tons of different colors. I love the traditional black/slate color for this project.I whipped it up in just a few hours (including dry time) and I got the seal of approval from my hubby – he promptly hung his motorcycle keys on the hook. I don’t think he saw the pink crackle finish....more
This is such a good idea-- thank you! more

Crochet Bicycle Dress Guard

If you're a crafty type who loves to wear dresses and ride bikes, here is a project just for you! It's a crocheted dress guard! Not only is it beautiful and ornamental, but it also serves a great function. These have been featured all over the interwebs, but I happened to spot them on one of my favorite knit and crochet blogs, Las Teje y Maneje.I have yet to actually find a pattern, but below is alink where you can buy one from Semeli (manufacturers). If any of you do find a patern, please share!...more
Love this. It's beautiful-- and fun! more

Ribbon Zipper Pouch

What happens when you combine personality ribbon with an ordinary zipper? Jessica Jones from How About Orange can tell you. Her mom made this adorable zipper coin purse!This is what her mom had to say about going so far as to line it:"Not only does the lining give a more finished look, but it also adds to the stability of the pouch."...more
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Organizational Thursday: Making Your Entryway Work For You

If you've got a way into your house, you likely have an entry. It may be small, large, skinny, or wide but somehow you enter in one door or another. I want to show you two ways you can organize your entry. ...more
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DIY Holiday Gifts: How to Make a Homemade Cookbook

This is the gift I made this holiday season that I wanted to keep for myself. But that wouldn't be fair for the originally intended recipient, now would it?  So I may be making a second one someday. Until then, I will share with you....more
This is beautiful! I have to admit I've made cookbooks before (they're the best gifts) but they ... more

DIY Ombre Heart & Striped Canvas Tote

I've had some plain canvas totes taking up space in my craft bin for awhile now.  I bought a few of the 3 packs the last time they were on sale at Joann's and just hadn't had much inspiration for doing something with them until this past week.  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought some heart totes would be the perfect little gift to have on hand for friends and cousins or even the kid's teachers, so I made these in about an hour using the trusty ...more
These are lovely! And very seasonal ;) Thanks for the tutorial! more