High Style, High Tech - Stylish Solutions for your iPad & E-Readers

About a year ago, I bought my husband a Kindle. He travels a lot for work and really loves to read, so it was a pretty perfect gift, if I do say so myself. Or, at least it was, until he let me borrow it for a trip across the country, after which he found it nearly impossible to pry his treasure from my vice-like grip. I was almost done with Mockingjay -- you can't expect a girl to put down a book like that, can you?...more
I leave it on -- I feel like having to remove it would be a pain, you know? more

Bloggers Visit Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. Win a trip of your own!

I'd love to visit Hawaii! I've never been and am dying to go! more

Pet Corner: The University of Lucy

In the University of Lucy, I am but a humble student. The lessons are pure and simple and as powerful as anything I've learned from the likes of Ghandi, even Oprah. At U of L, every day is an opportunity for a new insight, a life-changing concept and especially, a nap. Lucy and I found each other through a local rescue group. A corgie/doxie mix, she’s a little dog with a huge heart who surely knows what life is all about. ...more

I had a Lucy -- Yuki was a lab mix who I was really, really lucky to have in my life for 7 ... more

HomeGoods Sweepstakes

UPDATE 6/30/11: The sweepstakes have now ended. Thank you for your interest in this program!Ever wish there was a HomeGoods store in your neighborhood? Your wish may come true! HomeGoods is opening tons of new stores all year long!...more

I've started making a real effort to make our living room reflect our personalities more, and ... more

Clothes Are Not for Hiding Flaws: Style and Self-Expression With Erin Loechner

The thing I love about clothing, you see, is how a necessity -- items which, let's face it, are really just supposed to keep the weather out -- has involved into a form of self-expression. ...more

I think this is a great, refreshing attitude, and I pretty much always adore Erin. However, I ... more

The WTA “Strong is Beautiful” Controversy

Last week, the Women's Tennis Association launched the first commercial in its new advertising campaign with the tagline "Strong is Beautiful." The ad focuses on all the characteristics necessary to become a successful professional tennis player. World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki described the video this way:...more

I love it, and, as someone who's long struggled with the fact that my muscular, athletic build ... more

Battle of the Quick Dry Nail Polishes

If all nail polishes were created equal, then choosing the perfect polish would be a piece of cake. You'd simply choose the color you like best, and bam! Your fingertips become fabulous. But we know that all nail polishes are not the same, and this is especially true when it comes to quick dry polishes. I mean, think about it -- if they all worked as well as the slower-drying versions, that would be the only thing we'd use, right? ...more

I haven't tried OPI's quick dry top coat, but in the past, I've always been disappointed with ... more

Do You Attend Funerals?

Growing up, I attended all funerals held at the Baptist church that I grew up in.  As a result, I am comfortable attending funeral services. I have friends who do not attend funerals.  One friend swears that the only funeral she will attend will be her own, and she’ll skip that one by leaving clear instructions that she does not want a service. In midlife, the occasions to attend funerals accelerate.  ...more

My grandfather died when I was 3, and my family opted to leave me at home. I didn't see his ... more

Kenmore Elite Appliance Reviews and Sweepstakes!

Four lucky BlogHer Reviewers upgraded to the latest appliances from Kenmore. Each blogger is updating us on their experience over the next few weeks as they discover how truly innovative these appliances are. After reading their posts and learning about the advanced features, which appliance would make the biggest change in your life? ...more

The range would make the biggest difference because, well, I'd love the fridge, but we have a ... more

Play for Laughs week 9

Yes, I think we can work with this. Were you wanting something more along the lines of Kim ... more