The Last Parent-Teacher Conference

As I walked past the mirror and inspected the outfit I chose to wear that would transition from office to parent/teacher conferences this evening, I experienced a revelation: this evening marks the last parent/teacher conference for my youngest daughter. Ever.  ...more

Golf Digest Sinks Into Sexist Sandtrap with Paulina Gretzky Cover

*The following post originally appeared on my personal blog, "Beyond Lipstick and Petticoats: A Site Celebrating Women"* ...more
I think it is great to have a woman on the cover, but she should not have to pose any ...more

Bike Ride for Brain Cancer

My friend is battling brain cancer.Less than a year ago she experienced severe headaches and, after a doctor’s visit and some scans, she learned she had a brain tumor.  Post-surgery tests revealed the final blow: the tumor was malignant.  She was 34, and until then had never experienced any symptoms or signs of anything abnormal in her health....more

A Letter to My Kids About God

Thinking about religion and spirituality hurts my head....more

Ode to my OB/GYN Physician

Ah, yes, the annual “well woman” exam with the OB/GYN.  Not many women look forward to this day but, honestly, I don’t mind the opportunity to check in with the man who successfully delivered three of my children and has monitored my reproductive health for more than twenty years....more

Chili Cook-off For Cancer Research

Not long ago I received a Facebook invite to attend a chili cook-off in Joplin. Since I love chili and never met a cook-off I didn’t like, I visited the event’s page to learn more about the details surrounding the upcoming culinary competition....more

5 Easy Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to meet for coffee to help provide some guidance on her newborn blog.“I’d be happy to meet with you, but you do realize my blog is awfully small and I’m not sure if I have a whole lot of advice worth sharing,right?” I responded.“Oh, pu-lease.  You’ve been blogging for almost two years now; surely you know more than I do at this point.”...more
@Dawn Sticklen  @MarilynGardner These are such generous words....on a day when I need ...more

Cheryl Fogarty's Labor of Love Project

In July of 2010, Cheryl Fogarty and seven others from Joplin, MO, boarded a plane bound for Haiti.  Once on the plane, Cheryl felt a wave of peace envelop her and she told herself, “This is what you’re supposed to do.”...more

The Best Christmas (?)

As the plane prepared to land, I looked out the window at the ground beneath me and held my breath as we touched down onto the wintry landscape that was Moscow in December....more

Putting an End to Violence in the U.S.: Ways to Make Your Voice Be Heard

It is only natural that there has been a lot of noise in the wake of the deadly school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  After witnessing such a horrific tragedy - even from afar - it can be difficult to find words that adequately express our every thought: our profound sadness, outrage, confusion, fear....more