Parenting to the Buzzer

In December, I got an email from a professor asking if any students were interested in coaching basketball teams for the YMCA near our school. I won’t say that I jumped at the opportunity, but I thought about it for a while and decided that it sounded like something that I would be able to squeeze into my schedule and that I’d really enjoy being a part of. So in January, I began spending 2 hours a week with a bunch of 7 and 8 year old girls. ...more

i think parents' obsession with being the best is a reflection of our country's obsession with ...more

My Fair Lady, My Mom

There are some things you might not know about my mom. She was the valedictorian of kindergarten. And junior high. And high school.  And she graduated with some Latin suffix from college too. She is the middle out of five children. She has two daughters and three step-daughters. She yells "fuck a duck" when she drops heavy things on her feet (she denies this). She swears like a sailor when she makes pie crusts (she denies this too, see a pattern?). She cleans when she's mad. She can spell better than I will ever be able to dream of. And she is the best mom in the world. ...more

My kids are still very young. I can only hope that one day they will show this gratitude and ...more

Student pass needed!

I'm desperate for a student pass.  I didn't realize there was limited availability and I've been planning this trip all year.  I'm devastated to be without a ticket.     Please please please, if you have one and aren't using it, I'll happily buy it from you.  Did I mention please!?!  ...more

In Gratitude and Hope: A Letter to my Heart

Dear Heart, First, mad props to you for being perhaps the only part of my body that has worked solidly for the past 25 years. I mean really. Last week the ER nurse said my EKG was "better than normal" so keep on keeping on. No complaints in the blood pumping arena. You rock. ...more