Sleepy Time: Getting Your Baby to Go to Sleep

What were you doing at 12 pm and 3 am last night? If you have an infant at home, chances are you weren’t sleeping. It’s more likely you were doing the zombie walk to your baby’s room, fantasizing about your warm bed, and planning your morning pot of coffee. If you’re me, you were frantically Googling “sleep training” at 3 am. ...more
Some things we have found helpful (and I am NO expert, and of course every baby is different) is ...more

So I Posted Photos of My Kid Online and This is Where They Ended Up

And somewhere along the way, strangers started tuning in. Which was cool. I started to make connections with people going through the same struggles I was. This blogging thing was SO! SO! FUN! Now, I wasn't totally naive. I knew there were weirdos trolling the internet. And I've never hit POST without first considering what I was putting out there for the world to see. No last names, no nudity, no addresses or specifics. ...more
Great article.  Thanks for including the tips on how to check our pictures!  I'm new to the ...more

5 Easy (and Free!) Tips to Improve Your Photos

I was uploading some pictures the other day and I was all, "Dayum, I'm good."Okay, not really, but I do think I've grown a lot in the last few years.So now that I'm all wisdomy and stuff, I thought I would share some gems with you.You don't have to go buy a fancy new DSLR to make your photos better. There are some easy (AND FREE!) things you can do to make your pictures more appealing.TIP 1:...more
LOVE these tips!!!  one of my 2013 goals is to learn to take better photos & these are awesome ...more

I Only Run When I'm Being Chased or My Hair Smells Like Cheese

was catching up on my blog reading and my bloggy friend, Lisa, is like a running machine over in Australia. Which reminded me, I've been running for 3 months and I haven't blogged about it once.Which is in stark contrast to pre-pregnancy 2011 when I documented every dry-heave and booty clap via blog.So, here's the deal, Folks. I have turned into a runner. I can run my own little 5Ks like a machine. I started out barely running 30 seconds in a row. ...more

"Tickle Me," Elmo?

Today's a sad day. It's a sad day for children. Today Elmo's creator, Kevin Clash, resigned from Sesame Street due to  allegations he sexually assaulted 2 adolescent boys. And while I'm sad Elmo is forever tainted, I'm more saddened by the response. ...more

The Poopocalypse of 2012

Potty Training....Fail?

We've been potty training Cassidy for about 9 months. I kid you not. This is what the first 8.5 months looked like:Step 1: Buy a kiddy pottyStep 2: Put it in the living roomStep 3: Point it out to the kids and say, "Look! Potty! Don't you want to use it? All your wildest dreams will come true if you put piss and crap in it!"Step 4: Start buying pull-ups and hope for the best...more

It's like a penis pump for your nose

Anyone who has kids or is around kids or walks by kids or has heard of kids knows they are gross.They poop and pee and puke.They put everything in their mouths (like yesterday when Cassidy was caught licking the bottom of my shoe- wtf).Aaaand- they have nasal drip issues. Boogers and snot, oh my. And when the snot isn't being wiped on my pant leg, it's making my children sound like little Darth Vadery types....more

Top 5 Tips For Upgrading Your Camera

I get a lot of questions about what kind of camera I have.* (Answer: Nikon D5000- which they don't even make anymore. Now it's the Nikon D5100...I think) If you're looking to step up your photos, yay for you! Photos are an amazing way of capturing your life. Now if you're serious about upgrading, I have some tips for you. Take notes. Cause I'm smart. ...more

My Baby is 12 Weeks Old and I'm STILL Talking About "The Experience!"

Yep, I'm totally going to talk about The Experience. Again.Want to get me twitterpated and sweating with rage? (It ain't pretty, people)Tell a reluctant post c-section mother she should "just be happy you have a beautiful, healthy baby."Gah! Cause you know she must have been thinking, "I don't give a crap about my baby's health."...more
Hey, my kids are 22 and 20 and I still talk about it too! It's an experience you'll never get ...more