Tainted Steroid Shots and Fungal Meningitis: Are You at Risk?

In late July, I broke down and went to our local surgery center for a steroid shot in my back. It had been a long time coming. A back injury in late 2010 had taken me to the chiropractor, through physical therapy and left me with this last ditch effort before surgery was thrown out on the table. I put it off for so long -- months and months -- because the whole process scared me. However, the results were above and beyond what we expected... except for a random migraine accompanied by nausea and vomiting five days after the procedure. My doctor said it was a side effect, and I survived. But the news of a fungal infection in steroid shots causing meningitis made me wary....more
I got my first of four epidural injections two days ago...and hours later my friend sent me an ... more