This is What Depression Feels Like

When I was diagnosed with postpartum depression back in 2009, I promised myself that I would try to give a "voice" to this often times shameful and silent disease. ...more
Oh my gosh, you could have written this about me!  You are so brave and selfless in sharing this ... more

For Better or For Worse, I'm Standing By My Man

Twenty years of resentment just snuck up on me one day and I was flabbergasted at the realization of my unhappiness. For as long as I could remember, all the way back to my distraught childhood, I had a makeshift bubble around me inside of which no one could harm me-- mentally, physically, or emotionally. As I grew older, I kept that bubble-shield if you will- around me wherever I went. It was my protection. It kept me from getting hurt or witnessing the hurt all around me. I smiled big, looked people in the eye, kept my posture straight....more
I commend you for wanting to stay in your marriage and work things out, especially if he truly ... more

4 Zings for 'The Circle' by David Eggers

"You know how you finish a bag of chips and you hate yourself?  You know you've done nothing good for yourself.  That's the same feeling, and you know it is, after some digital binge.  You feel wasted and hollow and diminished."-- Dave Eggers, The Circle...more
Here I am again!  This caught my eye because . . . David was a good friend of my brother when we ... more

I Always Said I Wanted An Independent Daughter, Just Not Independent From Me!

Oh geez . . . I started to become a little teary while reading this!  My daughter is halfway ... more

The BM* Phenomenon

Has this ever happened to you?You hear a word or you come up with an idea and suddenly that word or idea is EVERYWHERE!**  You think it’s some kind of sign – it must be – because what are the chances that you would come across an article or see something on television that addresses the very point that you were just contemplating!It kept happening to me this past week. Was it the universe answering all of my questions or was it just a coincidence??You decide…...more
This happens to me, frequently, but in bursts.  And your son sounds SO much like my son, by the ... more

Top Ten Success Tips For My 25-Year-Old Self

Dear 25-Year Old Self, As I am turning 50 soon, I feel that I can give you some excellent I’m-twice-your-age-youngster advice, with a bonus tip: Top Ten Lists have better Google juice. You’re welcome! Here we go, youngster. ...more
LOVE this post!!  Thanks so much for writing it. more

All This Mom Wants for Christmas

Dear Santa, I have been an incredibly good girl this year. I haven't accidentally killed or maimed my children, I steam cleaned the carpets at least one time, I do the dishes every damn day, and I put up with tantrums of the most tiring sort with at least a 30-percent patience ratio. I didn't once sell the kids to the circus or package them up to send to New Zealand. We're all still here and breathing, which makes me pretty much the best mom ever. That being the case, there are just a few things I want this Christmas:...more
This is a great post!  I totally remember those days.  Those issues will pass . . . only to be ... more

Not What I Expected: Being a Mom and Staying at Home

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? A Mom. But what else? That's it. A Mom. This was always the case with me. I had no desires to go to college because I knew I wanted to be a mom. I went to college but just couldn't seem to find any course that interested me. It took me until I was 35 to actually become a mom and another 3 years to become a stay-at-home mom. I was so excited and had vivid daydreams about teaching my young girls and shaping them to be beautiful, intelligent, confident women....more
The fact that you care enough to worry about these things guarantees that your children will ... more

Congratulations Dr. Phil, You Glorified A Murderer

It's possible you triggered a few PTSD cases, too....more
This makes me so sad.  I agree with you 100% that allowing this "man" to have an audience is ... more

Help! My Husband Wants to Charge a Vacation We Can't Afford

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My husband wants to take the kids skiing in Colorado over the winter break and it's making me very nervous -- because we can't afford it. The trip is expensive, but he says that it makes sense to charge it because the kids are good skiers, and we'll never regret doing something so fun with them while they're young enough to enjoy it. I can't get over the cost and the fact that we'll be paying off the trip (and the interest) for years to come....more
We are a family who loves to ski and who has been going to Colorado for years so I think I may ... more