Should Emily Herx Have Been Fired for Using IVF?

[Editor's note: Did you have trouble getting pregnant? Even if you didn't, you probably know a few women who did and the hell they want through trying to conceive. Emily Herx couldn't get pregnant either, so she did what most of us would do who desperately want kids--she availed herself of the modern wonders of IVF. And that's when she ran headlong into the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church. ...more
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Prince is coming to Sydney and I am going

I became a Prince fan when I saw a concert of his on tv back in 1984.  It was super exciting because it was at about this time that New Zealand TV started having 24 hour coverage.  So to see Prince doing his thing and know I could watch TV until 2am if I wanted to was a pretty special experience I can tell you.So now it is 28 years later, and I have found out that Prince will be playing in Sydney, and by hell or high water I am going to be there.  He did play in Sydney about 7 years ago but no one told me, and I missed out....more
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Stop Telling Me What to Read!

Why the HELL do we even care what people do or do not read?" Seriously. Why is this important to so many people? It seems that at least once a month, there's some new article (50 percent of which feature Jonathan Franzen bloviating about his supposed superiority) asserting that we should read X, that we should not read Y and that "serious readers*" would most definitely should not read Z. ...more
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