Best of 2012 Top Ten

Best of 2012As I sit here thinking about this last year, I'm amazed at how many different projects I have written about.  My posts have grown over this year.  I can't believe that I've been writing that long.  Actually a little longer...but I didn't get REALLY serious about writing until about a year ago...and REALLY REALLY serious just several months ago....more

How to Accessorize With Junk

Junk Accessories Putting the icing on your decor can get pretty darn expensive. But it doesn't have to. You don't have to spend a fortune on the finishing touches inside your home. Just use Junk. It has to be some of the most interesting and conversational items you can capitalize from....let me show you! ...more

Tattered Burlap Christmas Tree

Tattered Burlap Christmas Tree...more

Cinnamon Scented Gift Tags / Ornaments

Cinnamon Gift Tags/OrnamentsThese gift tags smell amazing!!!...more

Solo Cup Gift Box

  Solo Cup Gift Box ...more

Recycled Coffee Filter Flowers


Bean Bag Beam Blocker

Yep it's true...I've joined the ranks of all the mini blind maker overs. These dated little buggers are NOT in short supply....but...if you don't still have some to turn into recycled treasures...then you can get them for less than five bucks! Two years read that right...two years ago I got these really cool coffee bean bags.....and I knew when I got them that I wanted them for window coverings....I just wasn't sure how I was gonna sew, fashion or style them. They are so cool....and the best part....burlap! It just doesn't get any more charming than that! ...more

Christmas Shopping and Twisted Panties

This morning, I was sitting on my bed, reading a magazine.  I don't know why, but this memory flashed into my mind, and I almost spewed spilled coffee on myself. ...more

Giving Your Website Tab a favicon!

WOW!!! I feel special....and no...not that kind!! Y'all stop!  I can't recall if I've told Y'all or not, but ever since I switched from blogger to WP I've felt completely stupid inadequate.  There is such a HUGE learning curve!  I've slowly learned different aspects of it....and am still....more

Lighted Mercury Glass

When we first moved to this house I acquired a couple of glass chandeliers from our niece and her husband.  I just have a Love affair going with chandeliers...and I think it has now....turned into obsession.  I've since decided that there is something I don't like about these chandeliers....Mainly....I HATE that I can see the wiring through the glass I had a thought about how to turn them into a recycled treasures! ...more