Tamagotchi: c'est moi

When they first came out, I bought one for The Kid and, also, one for me. I love gadgets or -- called another way, a nicer way -- tools that are specific to their purpose. It’s the same reason that I love sitting in the exam room before the doctor comes, and admiring all of the labeled drawers and compartments, knowing the right tool is right there, waiting for the hand that needs it ....more

one last cigarette

At my sister’s grave on her birthday, the first one since she died, I was glad of one thing: that by the time we lost her, she was no longer afraid. A long wasting-away offers that mercy to the dying, at least – that lengthy loosening of a tight grip on life, that slow slide into a silent, staring insensibility, eyes open but seeing something altogether other, and then slipping away completely. But I remember a time sitting in her driveway – ...more

The New American Road Trip Mixtape: give-away!

Comment on this post for a chance to win a copy of...more

Happy is my home state

Truth is: when I am most myself, I'm jumping around....more

Country Mouse Monday: on holiday, writing cards

At the start of a three-day break from work, here I am at my desk bright and early Monday morning catching up on correspondence. A paper card is such a nice Thank You, I think, vastly superior to an email ....more

Happier at Home: little altars everywhere

Super-nerd here, reporting in for duty....more

2013 to 2014: yay, Ritual & Nerdery!

Welcome, welcome, 2014! FINALLY I have some time to indulge in my favorite tasks of the new year -- a pox upon mid-week holidays! a blight upon no-time-off!...more

more Making: whole lotta fregolotta

Like I said, one of the things I love most about Christmas is that it's such a Season of Making, whether it's baking, sewing, wrapping, or melting. So much Making, such good eating! Christmas Eve was a great day of cooking that started at 6am with the stuffing (wow, what a...more

Country Mouse Monday: Making merry

One of the greatest things about living on our little farmlet is showing up places with things that we grew, with a "hostess gift" of something from our garden. All summer long, we arrive with flowers or jam or peppers or tomatoes, and sometimes honey....more

cozy green nest

Somewhere in our woods, there’s a squirrel curled up right now in a nest made super-cozy by an olive-green knit headband. The squirrel worked that headband round and round with its clever little hands, after it dragged it all the way up the tree, unsnagging it from bark and little twigs on the way. And then the squirrel turned it this way, that way, until the big floppy flower part came to rest at just the right angle for squirrel’s little head, big eyes closed tight and dreaming ....more