Trends: What to Avoid and How to Work Them Into Your Wardrobe

Fashion trends are fun. They're new and different and when we're wearing them, somehow make us feel like we're part of the elite fashion crowd, even if only to ourselves. But the key to building a long-lasting and polished wardrobe that will stand the test of time, guarantee you look stylish for decades, and keep your money safely in the bank, is to not fall for every passing fashion trend. Just because you have the "it bag" does not necessarily make you stylish, even if it may feel quite the opposite....more
Great suggestions here.  I just posted some fall fashion to dos that you might also find helpful ... more

Private Lives: Writing About the Personal

Bloggers are often accused of writing about what others deem private; airing dirty laundry, laying bare marriage and parenting and friendships.  Bloggers don't shy away from writing about love or death or the tiny moments that mark a life.  Though Andilit points out that while other mediums also deal with the personal, none are told that they shouldn't dabble in the private in the same way that writing receives judgment. ...more
I wrote a post for one of the largest blogs on the web.  It started out personal but then I went ... more