Five Fabulous Statement Necklaces from High to Low

Big, bold, bright statement necklaces are the perfect accessory really. Dress up tee shirts with them, wear one with a business emsemble for a pop, dress up your basics, and of course, cocktail parties!...more
BTW, points out, rightly so, that their gold necklace is REAL GOLD, for which ... more

5 Perfectly Spring Accessories

The weather is sunny and bright - time to pack up the sweaters and wooly scarves and move on to pretty, lighter touches. But what's hot and what's not? I've got five great Spring fashion accessories that will be easy on your budget and bring you up to date without requiring a closet overhaul....more
You're all right! A pretty pedicure is a must! more

Maximize Your Summer Maxi Dresses for Fall 2011

I've been loving maxis this summer. Maxi skirts and maxi dresses have been my go-tos. Comfortable and easy to wear, I've been rocking the maxi for work and play. But the fall is nearly upon can I wear my beloved long outfits when the temperature drops? Easy! Below, three maxis and how to make the most of them for cooler days. 1.  ...more
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It's in Style and You Hate It (I'm Talking to You, Kitten Heels)

If you're over 15 and have any interest at all in fashion, I've got some bad news: a style you hate is due to be revived. I know this because I've seen a lot of style revivals -- so many that I'm amazed that they can still take me by surprise. These days, the revival that's making me shudder is the Mad Men-inspired return of kitten heels. I hate them. I'm seeing a kitten-heeled future, and it fills me with a nameless dread. But I won't panic. Here's why: ...more

Frankenshoes for me, thanks. more

Five Beauty Procedures For Pros Only

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about five beauty DIY’s – five techniques/treatments/procedures I recommend doing yourself to save time and money. This time around I’d like to advise you on five things best left to trained professionals because while I’m all about DIY I’m nothing if not cautious....more

I think if I lived in an area where waxing was not available, I'd use a depilatory made for ... more

Holiday makeup palettes, or, how not to look like a snow-globe

I'm here to warn you against the dangers of holiday makeup palettes. Yes, they're alluring, yes, they're fun, yes, they're heavily promoted, and yes, they're available at every price point, from Walgreen's to Ulta to Neiman Marcus. But I--a veteran of the 1990s Urban Decay Glitter Wars, as well as several Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder skirmishes--am here to tell you that in the wrong hands, they can be very, very dangerous. Here's why: ...more

If EVER I considered eye shadow and blush and concealer, YOU would be my source for info. ... more

Party time at the office! Do's and don'ts for holiday style

The office party offers a chance to break out of your workaday rut and get to know the folks in the other cubicles, but keep in mind that this is still a work function; after the party is over, you'll have to go back to the office.  Save your sexy party clothes for date night or that girls' cocktail hour, and spiff up your office wear for the office party.  Here are four simple tips to get you party ready without doing anything that you'll regret in the Tuesday morning staff meeting. ...more

I am SO glad you posted this! I'm about to attend my first office holiday party in 20 years and ... more

The best shoes ever! and the worst shoes ever! converge to make the most mediocre story ever!

Since I've already ruined the ending let's start from the beginning when I purchased what I still believe are The Best Shoes Ever: Patent leather ballet flats (worn at almost every holiday party I've attended in the five years since purchasing because they are perfect) from Stuart Weitzman for a price that at the time I laughed off since it was my parent's card anyway but then I realized that money doesn't come from the heavens and replenish my wallet each day so then I cringed when I remembered the price. ...more

I feel your pain! I've just gone back to work and considered whether I was a heels or flats ... more

5 Things That Make Me Pretty

I'm not the type of woman that takes a long time to get ready for work in the morning. Long showers? Not my style. Taking time to use a comb and put every hair into place? You must be joking. Spending more than five minutes on my makeup? Forget it. Any time a girlfriend of mine watches me get ready in the morning (you know, all those sleepovers I still have at my age!) she comments how fast I work on my face. Truth is, I have few products and can't be bothered with that slow-motion beauty routine. If I can't put makeup on in a reasonable amount of time, I'd rather not wear any. ...more

I have to agree! I stand staring in front of the mirror, scanning my dearth of beauty ... more

Mario Badescu skincare: four products for a pretty face

Alright, so I was going to start this post by lauding the praises of my skincare Trifecta of Terrificness, until I realized that actually, I want to tell you about four awesome skincare products, not three, and I couldn't think of a catchy name for that. My Quad of Excellence, perhaps? Nope, doesn't have quite the same ring to it. ...more

I've always wondered about Mario - now I think I'm going to have to check this stuff ... more