Vegas Without Princess

Vegas Without Princess I thought this day would never come!  After months of preparation, my hubby and I were able to head to Vegas without Princess....more

My Mothers Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Who would have thought that I'd be selected- out of gosh knows how many people- to win Spa Week's Escape to Vdara Giveaway!  All I did was put my name in a jar at a Spa Week event. Being the skeptic that I am I asked the lady manning the booth, "Is this for real?  Does anyone ever win?" "Yes.  You never know.  It doesn't hurt to try," she responded....more

Happy Blogversary To Me!

Happy Blogversary To Me! ...more
Pop the champagne! It's time to celebrate! Happy Bloggiversary! Wishing you many more years of ...more

Tots Sharing Teethers

  Princess had another one of her meltdowns this morning at daycare.  When asked if her teeth hurt, she said yes....more

Nas Delivers a Strong Message to Dads

The other day my husband sends me an email with a link to Nas’ new single, Daughter’s.  He later follows up with this text:  “I can’t stop thinking about this song.  You gotta listen to it.”...more

Is This Sexual?

My hubby, Princess, and I are out shopping for bed sheets.  I ask the sales lady if they sell satin sheets.  She says no.  Then I ask if I can purchase them online.  She says, "the only place I know that sells satin sheets is Victoria's Secret." Then my hubby says to me, "Are satin sheets a sexual thing?" I reply, "I don't know." Now I'm really wondering are they?  The only reason I want to get some is because I hear that satin pillows won't pull out your hair.  So I figure why not just get the whole set.What do you think?...more
I love satin sheets!  They might be a little sexy but they also are wonderful to sleep in :)more

Appreciating Mother Nature

We celebrate Earth Day this coming Sunday, but Princess's daycare decided to celebrate a little early.  Her homework is to bring something in from the outdoors.  Picking some flowers seems like the perfect thing to do, since we're celebrating nature. Click here to view cool pics!...more

My Personal Guide to Taking Cute Pics

I get compliments on the pictures I post of Princess all the time.  It surprises me because I'm not even close to being a professional photographer.  I wouldn't count my stint as a one-man-band journalist (aka video journalist) early in my career expert worthy.  But, I do have a knack for taking a decent photo....more

Accessorizing With Huggabeans

I never really think of my little Princess as a fashion plate. People always compliment the way I dress her, and ask where I get her clothes. Every now and again one of her teachers would say, "A parent wanted to know where you bought this." I respond-...Click here to read complete

A Scene From Eddie Murphy's Stand Up Put to Use

This morning Princess tells me she wants pizza."It's nine o'clock in the morning.  The store is closed.  We have to go to school!" She goes over to the refrigerator chanting, "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza."Then I get a flashback from the stand up comedy movie, "Raw."  In it Eddie Murphy talks about ... (please click here for complete post)....more