Why I Buy (Many) Organic Foods

The other week I read a post on BlogHer called The Cult of Organics. Although I consider myself a moderate voice when it comes to food politics and beliefs, I still took umbrage with it. ...more
Love this!  I think that so many overlook the bigger picture when choosing conventional ...more


Recently while reading Dr. Suess's Green Eggs & Ham to my youngest son (6 years old now) I realized I am Sam! No, really I am Sam, as in Sam-I-Am of Green Eggs and Ham.   ...more

Let Them Help, It Helps Them

You will often find, "Cook with them" or "Let them help in the kitchen" high up on the list of suggestions on how to get kids to eat healthier foods. I agree. I do sometimes see parents or even teachers letting the kids help when it comes to making cookies or baking a cake, but it's not as often that I notice them help make a healthier meal or a salad.  I do think it's good to get them involved in helping prepare many different foods so they learn more about them and may be more interested in eating that food they had a hand in.  I'm not saying my kids help me on a daily basis but they do love to help and do it often enough that they feel involved and interested.  They do seem more enthusiastic about the meal and even more eager to try it because they're proud of their contribution. I also may go further than some would ever consider at my sons' ages; like letting them use knives.  ...more

I Bribed My Son to Eat Dinner

So, lately my youngest son (he just turned six) has gotten much pickier with what he'll eat. He was already picky, but now it seems a bit extreme. Some of his long-time favorites are suddenly now taboo (salmon, seaweed, mushrooms) so I’m not cooking/serving most of them right now. Instead of trying too hard with lots of different foods, I am going with healthful foods I know he will eat....more
I don't have kids, but I can imagine trying to get kids to eat when they won't has to be ...more

Doesn't need to be gourmet

This is my latest post on my blog. Yes, I like food.  I love experimenting with recipes and I actually like to cook… most of the time.  Sometimes, I just am too tired, too uninspired or just too busy to get all creative and put out a fabulous meal.  But, when we’re at home I do try to put out a healthy meal.  Last night my eldest was playing clarinet in his school band concert, so we had limited time.   I served a rotisserie chicken I purchased hot at my local supermarket; served it with a big but plain salad and string beans.  The kids get enough carbs so I skipped any starch.  (I could’ve just heated up a bag of frozen brown rice but I just didn’t feel like it.)If you aren’t a great cook or not really in the mood to cook, but want to get away from the boxed meals...more