Why I Buy (Many) Organic Foods

The other week I read a post on BlogHer called The Cult of Organics. Although I consider myself a moderate voice when it comes to food politics and beliefs, I still took umbrage with it. ...more
Just to clarify- the CSA we joined is pesticide-free-- they hand pick off any bugs.   I didn't ... more

I Bribed My Son to Eat Dinner

So, lately my youngest son (he just turned six) has gotten much pickier with what he'll eat. He was already picky, but now it seems a bit extreme. Some of his long-time favorites are suddenly now taboo (salmon, seaweed, mushrooms) so I’m not cooking/serving most of them right now. Instead of trying too hard with lots of different foods, I am going with healthful foods I know he will eat....more
What have you resorted to to get your child(ren) to eat well? more