Please Help Bring Back Gluten-Free Cake to Starbucks, or perhaps maybe something allergen-free?

image courtesy of A Gluten Free Guide   When Starbucks announced at the end of April that they would begin carrying a gluten-free option in their coffee houses, the gluten free community rejoiced. After years of letters and petitions, our voices were finally being heard.¬† ...more

 Thanks, Kalyn. I hope they do, too. It just seems mean to have something taken away without ...more

Save Money By Using Your CrockPot Slow Cooker

The economy is all whacked out right now and it's scary. I'm not watching the news. I get an email almost every day asking if I am saving money by using my CrockPot every day. ...more

I LOVE to cook with my crock pot, it is such an easy way to create a large amount of food ...more