How are You Steering Your Life?

From what viewpoint are you looking at your life?  Are you looking in the rear-view mirror or are you looking through your windshield?Looking through your rear-view mirror is viewing life with chains of the past.  Some of these chains may be limiting beliefs that were drilled into your head as a young girl.“You will work in the family business”“Girls are never good at math or science”...more

Why Free Floating Anxiety Drives Me Crazy

Do you ever have times in your life when everything is going great yet you just have this nagging feeling that impending doomis on the horizon?  It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  You aren’t quite sure where the problem will come from, but you are convinced there will be a problem.That is Free Floating Anxiety....more

How Confidence Positively Impacts Your Career

From following my blog, I’m sure you have gotten the sense that I’m not a woman who sits on the sideline watching life go by.  I am engaged with life.  I live a life of action....more

Why You Should Never Defend a Mistake

We are all human.  Speaking for myself, I know there will be days when I am more human than others.  And by that I mean I make mistakes....more

Who is Draining Your Emotional Energy?

We all have people in our lives that have a tendency to drain our emotional energy.  It may be a family member, a child, our boss or a friend.What I have come to understand is that everyone wants to be loved.  People do not come into our lives purposefully to drain us emotionally.  We allow it to happen.  I see two aspects of how this happens....more

What Kind of Day are You Choosing to Have?

What kind of day are you choosing to have?It can be so easy for a life event to take control of our mood for the day; that is IF we allow that to happen.  We have a choice every moment on the type of day we are going to have.  A recent conversation with a girlfriend really drove this point home with me....more

How To Goal Set This Year As You Reflect on the Past Year

As each year comes to a close, I enjoy looking back over the year.  I ask myself questions such as:...more

Responding to the Call of Self-Love

What is Self-Love?For me, Self-Love means that I am making my needs a priority in my life.Society teaches women to put the needs of others in front of ourselves.  For years I did that.  Work came first.  When I married, my husband came first.  Then when my daughter was born her needs also came before mine....more

Top Reason to Set Goals

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  Everyone is still in a festive mood and the stress of the holiday season is winding down.  I enjoy the after-Christmas sales and I usually take the week off between the holidays....more

Blessings of Our Christmas Tree Tradition

Like most families we have our Christmas traditions.  For us, the Christmas tree is the first tradition of the season.  We go to the same tree lot every year on the first weekend of December to pick our tree and we decorate it that evening.  It is a special time for us to really...more