Infertility: Why is Everyone Pregnant But Me?

“Do you have any children?” I asked the woman. We were riding the elevator up to our hotel rooms after the dinner sponsored by the convention. Since it was a mom-blogging conference, I thought it likely that she did. “No, we’re trying,” she answered, the far off look in her eyes betraying her cheerfulness. “We have a fur baby.” “Oh,” I said feebly. I didn’t know what to say. But I should have. ...more
You write beautifully, Keesha. Infertility is such a prison when you're in the throes; it's very ... more

Popular Posts You Wish You Started

While Elf on the Shelf doesn't officially make the list, The Mom of the Year's rundown of overdone posts cracked me up. While some are recent additions to the blogosphere (50 Shades of Grey posts, for instance), some have been around since the beginning of blogging, such as the ever-popular love letter to the lady at the grocery store. ...more
Perfect! I'm guilty of beating a few dead blogging horses. more

Sounds That Used to Be Sexy... Now Aren't

Oh, how our homes grow and change over the years. What starts out as our quiet first apartment morphs into our first shared space with our partner and, from there, into the space where our families run and play and create and make messes. The noises change too, as Kim at Let Me Start by Saying points out in a funny post. Well, maybe her point is that the noises stay the same, but what makes those noises is what changes. ...more
I'd add any call for "Oh, baby." it's not my hub's I'm directions that at these days. It's the ... more

How the Un-Air-Conditioned Survive

Hard to imagine facing this hot-as-Hades summer without the miracle of air conditioning but one family bravely trudges on, year after year. This hilariously bitter post ticks off the various ways in which they survive to sweat another day: ...more
Rock on! Janel, is a fantastic, funny, and from what I understand, very sweaty blogger! I used ... more

Proud Virgin

I will be among the thousands of bloggers crowding the halls of BlogHer 2012 this August. You'll recognize me as I'll be the one looking simultaneously ecstatic to be child-free, and totally, helplessly lost. Wait, that doesn't make me unique? Good!...more
I'm avoiding thinking about my newbie status, and by extension the fact that I feel like every ... more