Preserve Summer in a Jar: Make Bourbon Peach Jam

I can't tell y'all how glad I am to have this jam preserved for the winter. Now I can pop open a jar in the middle of winter and instantly be transported to the Southern summers of my dreams. If they last long enough, that is. I've already got a couple of ideas swirling around in my head. They're gonna be good. I'll keep you posted :-) Image: Courtesy of Apple a Day ...more
Thanks for the positive comments, ladies.  I really appreciate it! more

Announcing BlogHer’s Food Well Said (Beta): What Do You Think?

For a little more than a year now, BlogHer has published the #3 largest food network in the U.S. (comScore), syndicating headlines from and advertising to 600 of the best food blogs in the world. To celebrate these amazing bloggers and serve our mission to create more exposure for their work, we've taken an important step forward with this new service: Throughout the day, we will update BlogHer’s Food Well Said (Beta) with beautiful, highly clickable excerpts from the latest posts from all 600 blogs in BlogHer’s Publishing Network for food blogs. ...more
I love the layout--it's so visual and user friendly.  I like being able to read a short bit of ... more

Green Chile Chowder

I've made you a soup because it's cold out and because hearty soups always make me feel better when life gets busy and heavy and stressful.  If that soup can be paired with a beer and a warm tortilla rolled around a good pat of butter, it will definitely do the trick....more
@Karen Ballum Oh, Karen, do it.  You will seriously love it.  I can't imagine anyone not loving ... more

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Is This How We Should Be Treating Our Kids?

A new parenting reality TV show out of, sigh, my hometown of Pittsburgh filled me with a series of emotions this week as I watched it. Most of those feelings were negative as I sat and endured the first episode of Dance Moms on Lifetime. I found myself compelled to yell back at the TV as Abby Lee, the dance studio dictator director screamed, yelled and generally berated these nine-year-old girls....more
I grew up in the world of competitive dance, even competing against Abby Lee and her girls at ... more

Meyer Lemon Muffins: A Delicious Way to Use the Season's Exotic Citrus

Meyer lemons, a sweeter and more mellow variety of citrus, have a pretty short season and aren't always easy to find in stores. This time of year is prime citrus season and my mom had just seen Meyer lemons at the grocery store, so I knew I needed to jump. If you can find them, you'll definitely want to make up a batch of these muffins. If not, I think you could use one lemon and two tangerine or clementines and get a very similar result. ...more
Thank you, blogher for featuring my Meyer lemon muffins! more