Postpartum Body: From Leaking to Hair Loss to Saggy Boobs

When your doctors and midwives stress to you the importance of pelvic floor exercises, they mean it! Never mind the fact that you now have wet and dirty nappies to take care of. You don't want to be dealing with your own wet underwear as well. ...more
Yea this is usually never talked about. I thought it was going to be like that forever. I am 3 ... more

My Big Fat Gluten Free Diet

If you walked into a restaurant ten years ago and requested food that was gluten free, you’d have probably been out of luck. Today gluten free items are staples on many restaurants, and flood the aisles of mainstream grocery stores. People living with celiac disease have an allergic reaction to gluten and have to avoid it. Others suffer from gluten intolerance, which can be just as cumbersome when it comes to choosing foods that can and can’t be eaten....more
I personally hate going to restaurants or out to dinner because I can't eat anything with gluten ... more

Cardio for Weight Loss: Does it work?

Cardiovascular exercise is important. Period. It helps to:...more
Love it! Thanks for sharing :).  I am the same way.  I like to incorporate cardio and strength ... more

I Did It! I Did It!

Wowzer - zowzer - I really thought I wasn't going to exercise yet again!  I got up full of good energy, did many things and wore my workout clothes throughout, but never worked out.  The kids fell asleep for their nap and I did 8 Minute Abs, but then when I started to put on Jillian's shred, I found myself doing the dishes....more
One thing that helps me stay active is I do things as a reward for exercise.  For example, I ... more

A Subway Airport Kind of Sweat

You know that lowgrade sweat that happens when you're a bit overdressed, running a bit late, in a crowded situation, carrying luggage and just feeling a bit of anxiety?  That kind of sweat that happens in an airport with many close connections or in the subway trying to get where you're going faster than normal and donned in just too many clothes....more
I agree with HomeRearedChef.  I am proud that you are making the effort.  When I really started ... more

An Apple a Day Will Keep the Flab Away!

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of eating whole apples to support your muscles.  When most people think about building or maintaining muscles, the emphasis is always on protein.  Now don’t get me wrong, protein is essential for muscle build and growth but don’t get fixated on everything protein.  As we age (yea unfortunately), we lose muscle.  That is a huge reason why, as we get older, we need to incorporate weight training into our regime.  Weight training is essential to prevent certain body parts fr...more
 @FatCat Yes, I eat an apple a day.  They are really good! more

Community Fundraiser and Deserts

Eee-gadz. I think I'm getting a bit cocky and a little too laid back!  I did not exercise yesterday.  I could have made it happen if I had really tried, but other things were going on and I just subtly ignored it.  Today I got up early thinking I'd atone.  I began the routine while others were asleep, pre-coffee and pre-breakfast.  ...more
Hi, I want to encourage you to not lose sight of your goal(s). Sometimes its better to think ... more

I am Only a Mother!

It is very difficult to try to be the “perfect” mother. I really do not believe there is one, but I think all mothers still hope and pray they wil attain this goal. What I found out about myself this week is that I am more concerned about how our son behaves in that people will believe it is a reflection of how I am raising him, therefore coming back to judge me and my worth as this “perfect” mother. I try to continually remind him that he is our family representative when he visits friends or goes out in public....more
Yea, I tried to be the "perfect" mother, but I realized it did not exist. This way of thinking ... more

When Life Gets in The Way

When life gets in the way, it sucks the fun out of all things. When life gets in the way, expectations are raised yet more dissapontment is endured. When life gets in the way, standards slip…”just enough” becomes ok despite what you want or believe. When life gets in the way, you achieve mediocre (or less than) in many things instead of exceptional in some. When life gets in the way, guilt becomes a blanket that entangles you…never letting go. When life gets in the way, plans made ages ago seem to slip farther and farther out of grasp. When life gets in the way, you seem to l...more
Yes, I think we all feel this why. Life gets in the way A LOT. We often need to remember what is ... more

Workout Wednesday #8

Hello Hump Day!  It's workout post day, and you have no idea how badly I've needed to workout since our weekend trip to Savannah.  I haven't eaten so badly in a while.  I don't remember the last time I had real potato chips and dip to go with it.  I did manage to get in a 3 mile run, but I feel like it didn't even counteract my food intake.And let me tell ya, I ate too much of that stuff, partly because alcohol induced me to; so blame it on the alcohol! ...more
You go girl!  Looks like fun. more