Manifesto: I Am Not a Brand

I am not saying that it is a bad or dishonest thing to try to sell your work. It is not. What I am saying is that I am tired of the rush to commodify everything, to turn everything into products, including people. I don’t want a brand, because a brand limits me. A brand says I will churn out the same thing over and over. ...more

It sounds like you don't enjoy speaking at conferences. So follow your own advice & start ... more

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

I wanted to find out what all these top bloggers had in common. Their mindset, their mental habits. I spent a lot of time observing, which led to this list of the eight success traits shared by all top bloggers I’ve found. I’m happy to share it with you. ...more

I've also read this advice from experienced bloggers (on this site!) that if you want your blog ... more

Taming the Forest: What to Do About Armpit Hair?

I can't raise my arms. You see, I have a small problem. It's a hairy situation, really, what with the forest of growth developing in the pits of darkness. I've got furry armpits. ...more

and I am glad to see that women are questioning these strange norms we've created in ... more

I Guess What I'm Trying to Say Is That I'm Tired of Feeling Intimidated to Write On My Own Blog

I still remember the first time I found "blogs."  I had followed a link from a weight watchers chat room. The blog was written by a woman named Melly. Ordinary Morning, was the name of the blog.  It was 2001.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen on the Internet. ...more

I recently read that in one mommyblogger's "about me". At first I was taken aback; how can she ... more

For the Love of Maps

What's a better fetish for a traveler than maps? I love them -- not just maps of where we're going right now, but maps of other places, maps of imaginary worlds, maps redrawn to show what things are really like. When I first moved to Seattle and learned about the Great Outdoors, I was still a working artist and much of the best work I did at that time was on topographic map -- I'd acquired a great pile of them from a friend who had been unable to throw them away. I've also been picking up old guidebooks here and there, and while the information they include is wildly out of date, the maps of walled cities and mountain elevations are enchanting. We have a handful of atlases, too, states have changed, borders are not in the same place they once were, whole countries are divided and redivided and divided again. ...more

maybe that explains why i ended up living halfway around the world...;)


President Barbie: Tool of the Patriarchy Now Teaches Girls to Aim for the Oval Office

Every once in a while, something causes me to take a deep breath and turn down the heat on my boiling cauldron of seething cynicism. The latest campaign by The White House Project, who work to advance women in leadership with the project mission "add women, change everything," is causing me to step back and think. The organization is teaming up with Barbie to inspire girls to aim high - as high as the Oval Office if that interests them. ...more

sometimes there's no logical explanation, no clear-cut formula of what impact any given ... more

How do you get more readers?

If you write, you need readers in order to grow. Readers provide tips on what's working and what's not, they encourage you when you put out that one good sentence and they validate the time you spent on the creative process. If you blog, it's easy to tell if anyone is reading your words or not. Sometimes painfully easy when it's not as many readers as you'd like.

Health & Wellness Bloggers: I want YOU (for my Google Reader)

As a BlogHer contributing editor, part of my job is to link to other women bloggers. So when I decide to write about a particular topic, I spend a great deal of time searching for other women who have also blogged about that topic. And that can be very time consuming. ...more

Hi Catherine,

My blog has morphed into a health and wellness blog that focuses mainly ... more

How Can We Make Charitable Giving A Year-Round Habit?

Beth's Birthday Cause I was listening to a story on Marketplace on NPR this afternoon with Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell who reviewed their 2008 financial goals and graded themselves on their accomplishments.  Chris Farrell set a 2008 goal to make his charitable giving a monthly activity, not a mad rush in December.  He confessed that didn't meet the monthly goal, although he did a lot of research and giving in December.   Given the economy and its impact on nonprofits and fundraising,  it got me thinking that making charitable giving a habit beyond the holidays is a good thing.  ...more

I also had a birthday cause going for my b-day on the 19th, but unfortunately somehow got ... more

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Meditate

If you have spent more than five minutes in a row stressing about your life or worrying about the future, then you can find five minutes to meditate. Use meditation to direct your negative thoughts into positive ones, and promote better health. Here are seven reasons why you should take some time each day to meditate... 1. Manage stress 2. Sleep better 3. Pain reduction 4. Support immune system 5. Reduces blood pressure 6. Improve memory 7. Reduce irritability ...more

 but I would just like to make a comment about #1 by quoting more