We Bought a Convertible: My Not Midlife Crisis

I stared at the phone in my hand. My sister had texted me two words: MIDLIFE CRISIS. Because I sent her a pic of a convertible I saw while driving home with my seven-year-old daughter. But I bought one, anyway. ...more
I too wanted a sports car when I was buying my last car.  I almost bought a NIssan 350z.  ... more

We Save Money…By Shopping At Expensive Grocery Stores

I am a fan of upscale grocery stores. They have wide aisles and beautiful displays. They tend to offer in-store amenities and samples. They usually offer superior customer service. AND—they save us money....more
You need to be wasting a lot of food in order to make up for the extra cost of organic foods.  ... more

New Marketing Strategies with Facebook Timeline

Another Year, Another ChangeIn typical Facebook fashion, another year brings another change. Last year we moved from FBML to iFrame "apps" to create welcome landing tabs, many of which were a "gate" to keep new visitors out until they clicked the "like" button.This year we are saying goodbye to landing tabs and saying hello to the Facebook Timeline for our pages.Cover Image:...more
This is great information, especially for noob facebook folks like myself.  I've got a facebook ... more

The Pros and Cons: Can We Even Afford a Second Child?

There are so many “pros” to having a second child. But then there are the “cons,” of course. And these days, with the economy being so horrible and showing few signs of improvement, the “cons” seem to sometimes speak louder than the “pros.” I mean, seriously, let’s put aside the conversation about the emotional and physical energy required in raising two children. Can we really AFFORD to have a second child?...more
My thought would be if you're financially sound now with your first child, then you can look at ... more

[VIDEO] Sh*t Broke Folks Say

After owning an accounting & bookkeeping biz for 10 years I’ve heard (and used) it all when it comes to “brokeness”. ...more
Lol, that's a great money toilet you've got there.  Did you find that somewhere or was it ... more