BlogHer site button with recent posts-- how do I get one?

I've seen buttons on a few others' sites that has not only the BlogHer logo but three/four post titles from BlogHer bloggers. How do I get one, and how do I feed my own site to it, since the click through leads to the blogger's own site, and not to BlogHer? Thanks.

San Diego Momma

What can I say? Another Mommy blogger here. I post a little bit about everything and have a few pet projects on my site -- "Turning the Tables," "Road to Oprah," and "Writerly Bits." Mainly I write about the usual suspects -- kids, husband, nerve-crushing anxiety. That kind of stuff. I'm really looking forward to learning more about Blogher. I get the feeling I've only scratched the surface! Take care! Debbie ...more

How funny, I was just at your blog the other night! Then I find you here :) I blog hop so much, ... more


My profile tells me I have been a member her for a 1 year and 19 weeks, but I am just now getting around to introducing myself. Seems like it takes me forever to do anything. ...more

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