Morning Routine Sanity-Saving Checklist

People often ask me how I manage to get all these kids up, dressed, and out the door every morning. Hahahaha, that's a lie. People rarely ask me that, possibly because you'll note the above sentence lacks the phrases "cheerfully," "with their teeth brushed," or "without large clumps of hair sticking up in every direction." ...more

Things Motherhood Has Taught Me (aka Things I Wish I Didn't Know)

I've been a mom for a while now, but I'm still frequently introduced to new (ridiculous shenanigans) challenges that test my (patience) parenting skills. These daily Mommy Moments often encourage me to (stab myself in the leg with a spoon) expand the toolbox of Mommy Solutions I have on hand. That way, I can really tackle these marvelous opportunities and become a more well-rounded individual (who frequently contemplates giving her kids up for adoption)....more
 @cookingwithkary  There's a case where the punishment fits the crime - or rather where the ...more