Easiest way to start a conversation for the shy or shameless

I’ve been asked many times, “Mary, you are so good at networking. What do you do to make it look so easy?”What I share often surprises – and relieves – them.I share the easiest way to start a conversation for the shy or shameless in my last Gotta Quick Question video. Take a quick look:...more

A Simple Strategy to Handle Workload Overload

Workload overload has become an epidemic that’s wearing us all out!  How do you handle it?In this episode of Gotta Quick Question, workload overload is Jessica’s dilemma and I offer a practical way sort through what's on her to-do list and what to say when when she gets asked to do MORE (because you know she will!)....more

How a Little Testosterone Goes a Long Way for Professional Women

As a professional woman, do you find yourself taking remarks by co-workers or clients too personally?  Overwhelmed by work load?  Doubting your abilities to be successful in a new project or position?If so, you're far from alone.  Difficult work relationships, too much to do, and lack of confidence can drag down every professional woman at some point in her career....more

Make Your 2015 Rock by Quitting. Yes, Quitting!

Right now you are likely thinking about New Year's resolutions.  But get this:  ...more

Ready for Your Second, Third or Fourth Act?

Are you ready for a career change, dream of starting your own business, or desire to launch a non-profit?  For previous generations it was common to do one type of career for several decades and then retire for your Second Act.  ...more

How can I explore if a new career is a good fit?

No longer happy with your current career and are dreaming of a new one, but aren’t sure if you should make the switch?That’s how Carolyn felt when she asked me:...more

The Secrets of a Job Posting in Plain View

by Mary FoleyAre you like a number of women I've talked to recently who are fed up, unfulfilled and burnt out in their current careers and want a change?  Whether you want to move up, over or out to a more satisfying position, to a different type of work altogether, or to stop working for others and start working for yourself, this job posting has secret insights in plain view of what you need to succeed.“Huh, a job posting?” you may be thinking.  Just follow along with me a minute....more

Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Cut It

By Mary FoleyEver hear someone say “Think positive” after you’ve just unloaded your frustration, hurt and confusion to a friend or colleague? So irritating, isn’t it? Their advice isn’t much help when you’re distraught and upset and the only positive thinking is about when you can take your next vacation....more

Get the Career You Came Here For!

A new report has just come out from the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) on the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women and the results really bother me.  Wonder if they bother you, too....more

This Quiz is a Hoot – and Oh So Real!

Don’t you love quizzes?I recently found one that in 10 quick questions not only gives you feedback on how well you handle office politics, but is also a ton of FUN!I know!  Office politics and fun – hard to believe it, but it’s true!In just 3.76 minutes up can find out how well you do in situations such as…-    How to handle the office “pet”-    What to do if you’ve sent a scathing rant about your boss to     your coworkers...more