Sometimes I Regret Becoming A Mother

I feel pretty shitty about it, if I’m being honest.“Mom.”“Mommy.”“Mama.”“MOMMY.”Me: “WHAT? JESUS GOD, MAX. WHAT.”Max: “I’m awake.”Me: ...Sunday morning. 4:54 am. Public Domain Image via Pixabay There is the smallest sliver of light blinding me through the gap between our blackout curtains, the only indication that morning is coming....more
I just texted my partner at work earlier today and told him in more or less *your same words* ... more

The Business of Blogging: Why Do You Blog?

We now know and are very sure that combining in person relationship building with web, online and social media relationship building is the best way to secure your reputation, authority and reach. Blending the two worlds we now live, work and play in is not only essential but just plain smart. ...more
The questions you posed were super helpful!! Thanks! more

Flea Market Shopping With an Eye for Up-Cycling

Up-cyclers live for flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales. What one person might see as a pile of dusty dead people’s stuff a true up-cycler has a keen eye for possibility. You see an old broken TV console, someone else sees a dog bed....more
Yay for upcycling! I like that it is an outdoor market...can't go for the ones ... more

The Shining Twins Meet the Easter Bunny

I cannot lie to my kids. Let me clarify: I can lie to them about things like, I don't know what the correct/anatomical word for "the place between where the babies exit out." You can find the explanation for that in my post entitled just that, no need to beat a dead horse. But when they ask me, "Is there really a Santa?" I freeze. If I say yes, will they believe me when I tell them something that is really pertinent? Why the charade? I sidestep the questions with quick questions back, "I don't know," "What do you think?" or "Have YOU seen Santa? I haven't but I have heard other (crazy/liars) people say they have."  Here again, I find another holiday that is trying to turn me into a liar....more
Kids really do say the darndest things. more

Vitamin D and Your Skin

We all know that Vitamin D is essential to good health, but how does one reconcile the need for Vitamin D, which humans can synthesize through sun exposure, with the need to protect your skin from skin cancer and, if we can be vain for a moment, unnecessary aging?  I’ve written about this subject in the past (see my previous post), but armed with some new information on the subject I thought it was time to revisit this controversy....more
Thanks for simplifying a complicated and controvesial subject! more

Celebrate Waffle Day with Lemon Poppyseed Waffles

Today is Waffle Day, and it's the perfect time to whip up a lazy Sunday breakfast of delicious waffles. I love the sound of this particular recipe, especially at this time of year, when the seasons have just changed and brighter flavors are in order. ...more
Haven't had the lemon poppyseed pairing in they smell great! more

Communing with Trees

I grew up traipsing through the woods. We called them "woods," my friends and I, but really, they were just a dense strip of trees big enough to hide in when the leaves were full in the summer, and small enough to see to the other side in the winter. I loved those woods with its Maples, Birches and Oaks. The snap of twigs underfoot, the smell of damp dirt and sour, leaf decay, the belly scratches from tree climbing and then watching those same trees turn yellow or orange or red in the Fall - those were some of my happiest  moments as a child....more
Such a sweet gift for our children...makes such good memories and teaches us we are tied to the ... more

Walmart and Target Bloggers: The Worth of Your Blog

I am going to attempt to write a Swistle-like post, and it will likely not go that well, but I must try, because there is something that has been weighing on me about blogging, and some emails I get from some of you, which surprise me because my blog is little and tiny, but alas. Here is my message: the quality of your blog is not measured by the number of comments or followers or pageviews you get. ...more
Yay for quality bloggers! more

What's in Your Mama Purse?

When I was a kid my mother’s purse was a no-touch zone. If I ever needed anything from it, I’d bring it to her and she’d dig it out for me.I doubt there was anything I wasn’t supposed to see in there. And I don’t think it was that Mom didn’t trust me with her stuff (though in my pilfering teen years she probably should’ve had this concern). I’d guess my mother made her purse off limits simply to set some personal boundaries. Staking out a bit of space that my three sisters and I couldn’t climb on, paw through, or otherwise disrupt. A small spot of sanity and control....more
Hilarious- Over the years I've downsized: diaper bag, cute, but big bag, purse...and now just a ... more

Why You Shouldn't Have "The Talk" with Your Tween

I have an amazing power that was only recently discovered. I don’t twitch when the word puberty is said. I not only don’t twitch, I get happy and love to talk about it with parents and girls. Girls only. I have no idea about the boys. Armed with this new super power I recently worked with a teen counselor and we put on a program for some local Girl Scouts. We held it around Valentines Day and called it Loving Your Growing Body. It was complete with snacks and door prizes and I have to say it was a huge success....more
You are doing such important work! Thank you!! more