Big Families and the Moms Who Blog Them

I have four children, which is not enough to get me my own Discovery Channel special, but it is enough to cause curious strangers in grocery stores to ask, "are they all yours?" I'm sure the fact that one of the children is making monkey noises and another is trying to open a box of cereal has nothing to do with the strangers' look of sympathy.  Or maybe that's disdain? ...more
Well the following link is about replies to some of those questions regarding large ... more

NaBloPoMo Soup: Add Your November Posts

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The Challenges of a Large Family Don't Outweigh the Joys

Someone very dear to me, who has only one child and is currently debating whether or not to have a second, asked me recently why I decided to have such a big family. It was a question that caught me a bit off guard and we were in the middle of a crowd, so it wasn't the ideal time or place for a serious discussion. I told her that I've always wanted a big family, that I love being busy and surrounded by people I love. While this is true, it's not the complete answer, and as my mind went back to that conversation we had, I decided that I needed to elaborate....more
Answers to rude questions people ask large families was posted Feb 23rd 2012 you can read this ... more