Scott Steinberg

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Scott Steinberg


Parenting expert and small business guru Scott Steinberg is the creator of the The Modern Parent's Guide and Business Expert's Guidebook series, and among the industry's most sought-after technology analysts and keynote speakers. Hailed as a leading high-tech family and small business expert by dozens of publications from NPR to The Wall St. Journal, he's covered the field for 400+ outlets from The New York Times to Parents and Rolling Stone.

A frequent on-air technology, toys, social media and video game expert for all major TV networks including ABC, CBS and CNN, Scott's also a veteran entrepreneur and nationally-syndicated business columnist for Inc. magazine. Besides serving as one of today's most-quoted executive coaches, motivational guest speakers and expert witnesses, he also hosts several popular video shows including Tech Industry Insider, Family Tech, Business Expert, Gear Up and Game Theory.

A proud father who works to promote online safety and awareness surrounding social networks, smartphones, tablet PCs and other high-tech advancements, his most recent book is The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Games. Beyond making frequent appearances as Sears Toy Shop's resident toy tech expert, he's also a popular public guest speaker at business and family events who hosts many executive offsites, meetings and presentations.