Getting To Know Me For BlogHer 09

Denese had a great suggestion for all of us to do an intro post about ourselves before we all converge on Chicago next week. I'm so excited to meet so many more new people this year and get to see those of you that I met last year. Here's the run-down on me, Kendra, also known as Headless Mom: ...more

Turns out I'm not coming til Thursday around 4...depending on how quickly I walk from Union ...more

Why I'm Going To BlogHer

(Originally published on my own blog, July 11, 2008, but it definitely still applies. I can't wait to see all of my old AND new friends in Chicago this summer. 3 months and counting!) I've been reading a lot lately about going to BlogHer, or not going to BlogHer. That is the question. ...more

Home Again, Home Again

So Siel and I made it home yesterday after a not so great beginning. Checking out of the hotel took a little longer than I thought it would (there were problems with the bill, including the parking charge, which was not supposed to be there,). We finally got out of the city, or so we thought. In following the 80 east we should have (at some point) gotten on the 580 east but we missed it. Thank goodness for the GPS on the Tahoe! ...more

The Drive from LA

Well, we made it. 6 hours from LA to SF. The Chevy Tahoe was really nice-all the bells and whistles. I must say that the driver's seat was not that comfortable-I actually got a cramp in my butt while driving! It was a really smooth ride, the stereo was great (XM), and Siel even found the seat warmers. (Maybe not the best feature when it is 95 outside...) Siel is so cute. So here's the deal. She and I are pretty different, but this is why I came. She lives in LA, is single, and recently finished her Masters' Degree. Compared to my married, with kids suburban life. ...more

So sorry! I stand corrected!more

Getting Started

When I decided to go to BlogHer in San Fransisco I had no idea that I would end up in a carpool. Really! I've just recently entered this community, so I don't know anyone, and figured that I would just have to buy a plane ticket. Push came to shove and I was going to have to bite the bullet-throw down for a one hour flight. I decided to check the message boards one more time to see if anyone was driving from my area.  Siel was looking for someone to join her on the drive.  Cool! Except who is she? ...more

Can't wait to join you guys on the way back! Have a great trip to BlogHer and we'll see you when ...more

Room to Share?

Does anyone have a spot in their room? Did your roommate have to back out? Recently decided to go? Please, please contact me!! headlessfamily(five)atgmaildotcom   Thanks! Headless Mom  ...more

Anyone looking for a roommate?

I'm looking for someone to room with at BlogHer. Anyone need an extra body?   Thanks! Headless Mom headlessfamily(five)atgmaildotcom ...more