Why I Can’t Say I’m An Ally to People of Color

As a white queer feminist anti-racist, I believe it’s not my place to state that I’m an ally to people of color. What I can say is that I strive to be an ally and it’s my job to keep learning what people of color consider an ally. The single most important way to learn this is to listen, and as a feminist, I am particularly committed to listening to women of color....more
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Crash Course: Holidays, Racism, and How to Apologize

A few thoughts and meditations on Halloween and various other holiday costumes and jokes that one might want to reconsider: Image Credit: Recoverlings, via Flickr 1) If I'm ignorant of the ways in which my action is stereotyping and/or mocking, I'm still stereotyping and/or mocking. 2) Describing myself as “ignorant” about something is not self-deprecating but a simple statement of fact—that I have something to learn;...more
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Hungry for Art: 3 Writing Prompts

I was hungry for painting—for thick, textural layers of color—and so I invited the American artist Elisabeth Moss to visit one of my writing workshops with some of her recent work. She brought five works-in-progress and displayed them throughout the space. As participants arrived, they each had the opportunity to approach the paintings, speak with the artist, then reapproach the works. When the session began, Elisabeth briefly spoke about her process and told us the working title for each painting....more

Dealing With Adult Bullies

As I walked along the narrow, tree-lined, lovely-even-if-in-disrepair road that leads to our little house in our own particular corner of a town I’ll call Paradise, I saw the bully next door approaching me. He isn’t a scowling little boy or even teenager, but the scowling grown man who rents the house and barn next door. “Scowling Bob” rode slowly toward me on his red motorcycle....more
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