A year has passed since M and I took that big giant leap, and purchased a home together. You will all be glad to know, we have survived.  M has survived my addiction to reality television and my loud maniacal rants against Gretchen-OMG! I SO hate her, don't get me started, and I have survived a Joe Maddon bobble head, glaring at me accusingly, when I sneak into M's office and steal paper from his printer.  Dude.  Really?  Look away.  Freak. ...more



A Lot On My Plate

Buy a lottery ticket, say yes to an opportunity, explore an idea - do something to capitalize on the luck that is flowing your way now, Leo. Can you feel the vibe? Can you sense that something has shifted, and that your luck is growing increasingly fabulous? You need to be ready, willing, and able to take on any positive chance that comes your way. You need to be aware of the power you now have to change your life for the better. Your intuition is astoundingly accurate - something has shifted. Your luck is on the upswing!...more

You Made Your Bed...

There are many milestones in a second relationship, that bring the two people involved ever closer.  First would be a weekend away, which as you know M and I survived, as opposed to the hotel bathroom which pretty much didn't.  (See post "STAY OFF THE SAUCE")  Then comes the introduction of the children to the new love interest.  Some of you may remember that in our case, that took place on a street corner in downtown St. Pete, where M and I went to retrieve my son from some very understanding policemen....more


I’m a woman in midlife, and I make no bones about it.  I’m fine with it.  Admittedly, after my divorce, I went through the “I need to look younger” phase, where I wore only tight skinny jeans and form fitting tank tops.  Then one day I looked at my 26 year old daughter wearing the same outfit and had what I like to call my Christopher Columbus moment: “Honey, that ship has sailed.”  Now, I color my hair, get a shot of botox now and then, exercise, and do the best I can with what I have.  I feel good about myself, and then, something ...more

Sayonara Mr. Roboto

As time goes on I am beginning to notice a few differences between M (my significant other, partner, love connection?) and myself.  First off,   he makes the bed. Every morning.  Super weird, right? He doesn't like clutter.  Also, he believes if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.  I believe if something is worth doing, I will do it until I get bored, and then go tweet my breakfast.  Also,  he actually SEES the dog hair on the floor while I wade blissfully unaware, albeit covered in a fine coating, through it....more

Suit Yourself

This post will be addressing a topic that strikes fear into the hearts of  most women over 40.  Just thinking about it right now, is causing the sweat to pool across my hair line and heart to race.  It is another unGodly, heinous thing that cause midlife women undue stress and heartache.  It is:  THE BATHING SUIT. ...more

Treading on Thin Ice

 When I started dating after my divorce, I felt I had to try to reinvent myself into a fun, interesting person, instead of a divorcee and mother who gets her accolades when Words With Friends posts “Amy just played davenport for 63 points.”  To build my self confidence,  I would begin chanting over and over to myself, “I am fun and intelligent” as I  walked out the door for a coffee date, but then my  confidence would wane as I realized I was at the wrong Starbucks and had already spent close to five bucks for my vente low fat latte.  This does not make f...more

Hair Today Gone Today

Last week I had another awesome few days in the city that never sleeps but makes me very tired.  Of course I'm talking about New York baby!  I am always jazzed to be there and am like a woman who has been raised by wolves when I first arrive.  Entering the city by cab from JFK I stare open mouthed at the food carts.  Dude, I'm not talking pretzels and hot dogs,  I'm talking like whole authentic Indian meals now-from a freaking cart!!...more

Stay off the Sauce