Five Tips for Breaking Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits, though we vilify some more than others. Whether your habits are endangering your health or just really annoying to other people, I'm here to help! ...more
Love number two - replacing a destructive habit with a productive/healthy one is ace advice. more

Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Multitasker

I recently read a blog post that ruffled my feathers. Maybe I was taking something personally that was not at all directed at me. However, I walked away from the post disgruntled and feeling as if the whole thing had been a stab against me and other mom crafters like me....more
This post applies to more than moms but people in general. I know far too many people who use ... more

Saying Goodbye to Validation Through Facebook

It was her, not me, who jumped in on the Follow me/Follow you bandwagon back in the early days of her blogging in an effort to gain more followers. It was her, not me, who once felt compelled to post everyday though her real life demanded that she not. She’s the one who checked her stats daily and cried when she lost her first blog followers. She’s the one who commented on 100+ blogs and cried when only two people commented on hers. ...more
I think Facebook can be a wonderful tool for connecting with people but it can also create an ... more

Accessories Do's & Don'ts for Professional Women

Little things do matter. This includes your professional wardrobe. Consider these distracting examples and how to avoid these faux pas so they don't damage your personal brand or productivity. ...more
I think hats, in general, shouldn't be worn in the workplace. They can be a definite ... more

Better Marketing & Branding Tips: 10 Ways How To Screw Yourself in the Foot at Events

Truth be told, I go to a lot of conferences and events throughout the year and have been a regular attendee atSXSW (South-by-Southwest Festival) for about a decade. One of my favorite things to do at conferences is observe what vendors do well (rarely are my socks knocked off) and of course, where they make obvious marketing faux pas (more often than not)....more
Making eye contact & firm handshake should be no brainers for people. I despise the dead fish ... more

Dear Television: I Love You

In my early twenties, I remember being at some sort of a party - a BBQ perhaps? A dinner party? I can't be sure. While the details of the party are a hazy mystery, I do recall the conversation, which stunned me."I can't wait," my friend Janet said, "for the fall television lineup. I have it all planned out." She then went on to list which shows she was watching, the times and channels. As it was ten years ago, I cannot quite recall what they were. But I do remember both her excitement and conviction. It just seemed so...odd....more
I used to turn up my nose at people who watched a lot of tv and then I started freelancing, so I ... more

Domestic Violence Is Sexy

Chris Brown and Rihanna are singing about how they want to fuck each other, and everyone is talking about it. She’s either a marketing genius who knows just what the media wants, the editorials say, or she’s a lost little superstar who doesn’t realize the impact that her choices are having on impressionable teenage girls everywhere. It doesn’t matter which one it is, because we can’t look away. Why?  Because this latest musical collaboration is sexy. ...more
Our culture has a track record of propping up abusers. We sex them up all the time - look at how ... more

5 Perfectly Spring Accessories

The weather is sunny and bright - time to pack up the sweaters and wooly scarves and move on to pretty, lighter touches. But what's hot and what's not? I've got five great Spring fashion accessories that will be easy on your budget and bring you up to date without requiring a closet overhaul....more
I adore nude coloured shoes in any season. Tangerine is a great shade too and it's often ... more

SXSW: What the Heck is a Homeless Hotspot?

Let's say you're walking around SXSW cursing the lack of wifi on 6th Street. And then, suddenly, salvation: You see a woman wearing a t-shirt that says, "I'm Susie, a 4G hotspot. SMS HH Susie to 25827 for access" ...more
There is so much exploiting of the poor in our culture that we are desensitized to the point of ... more