I’ve designed the perfect job. For me.

It begins with cheese. Or perhaps it’s simply that I cannot imagine life without the pleasure of cheese. This is sensory deprivation of the worst sort. And food is all about our senses and emotions. A love of cheese is hardwired into my genetic code. There’s a part of me that’s French après tout. Mainly my stomach, but a few limbs and half my brain too....more
@Denise Exactly. Now to find someone who thinks this is a brilliant idea... ;) more

It was her birthday

PG turned nine recently and as always her birthday coincided with the end of the hockey season, which means she usually gets shafted. She’s a good sport about it. The year the boys won the league championship on her day, and she was one of the first to hoist the cup, is still one of her highlights....more
@Karen Ballum I couldn't stop laughing. more

Proof that I’m Canadian

I may have been born in Germany and carry a French passport, along with my Canadian one – all part of my secret life as an international woman of mystery, but I’m a Canuck through and through.Should I ever be hauled in front of immigration officials (which would never happen because no one can prove that I tried to bring in 30 kilos of goat cheese and 8 litres of wine last year on my way back from France) I’ve compiled a list that proves without question that my Canadian-ness is ingrained:...more
@Darcie Definitely ;) more

Will You Still Eat Ikea's Meatballs After the European Horsemeat Scandal?

I’ve been watching the European horsemeat scandal with one eye because, well, it just didn’t seem like it would really affect me. That is until I saw that international retailing giant Ikea said it is pulling its meatballs from stores in more than 20 countries because a Czech Republic store found horsemeat in the product. ...more
Swedish horseballs just conjures up a whole different image. The issue is accuracy in labelling, ... more

I have a confession to make.

Right then, on with it.Ahem…remember that this does not make me less Canadian.And I’m a good person.Don’t judge me.I don’t like pumpkin pie.I can’t be the only one. There are others like me out there, hiding in the corners, afraid to admit this very un-Canadian, un-American trait. We need to stand united and demand a better option....more
@Darcie I made a pie that I actually liked. more

Public toilets – the modern version of trial by fire.

Public toilets are the bane of my life. Truth is I’m afraid of them and I have just cause.As a child, parental reminders to, “cover the seat and don’t touch anything,” when in questionable places became, “BEWARE! Danger lurks around every rim!” Since sitting on public toilets was the equivalent of taking a dip in plague-infested swamp water, I didn’t. Sit. Or crouch. Or anything. Not even at school....more
@Darcie I shudder every time I think of it. more

I’ve been seduced by a blender.

There was a time I’d get excited about scoring tickets to a Depeche Mode concert. Today I did a happy dance because we bought a new blender.A blender.Tsk tsk tsk Sad headshake and sneer courtesy of my 20-something self.20s-me: Get a grip woman. It’s a kitchen appliance.40s-me: But it’s so shiny and powerful. And you should see the size. This conversation is taking a wrong turn.20s-me: Don’t you have desert boots and fishnet stockings you should be buying?...more
@Denise We've all gone blender crazy. I blame the smoothie recipes on Pinterest. more

Ten To Dos in November 2012

October was a great month for my To Do List. Best month I've had in ages. Let's see if I can do just as well in November...

My Autistic Son's Life: Not Less Valuable

Obviously, I'm feeling angry and confrontational. Explosively so. With good reason: George Hodgins, a young autistic man from my son's school, was murdered by his mother Elizabeth (who then committed suicide) earlier this month. Mainstream media reports have focused almost exclusively on how difficult life was for his mother, framing parents killing disabled children as an understandable tragedy, while parents killing typical children is considered a preventable tragedy. And I am telling you right now, it doesn't matter how difficult parenting is, a parent killing their child is never justifiable....more
Killing a child is never an understandable tragedy. It is stealing a life. Your writing is so ... more